The Madeleine Brand Show for May 28, 2012

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Corruption and conspiracy in the Vatican?

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter joins the show to discuss the arrest of the Pope's butler and the recent claims that the Vatican is mired in corruption and scandal.
Lt. Wesley Brown

Remembering Lt. Wesley A. Brown

Last week, retired Lt. Commander Wesley A. Brown died at an assisted living center in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was 85. Brown was the first black graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. Brown's youngest son Gary joins the show to share his memories of his father.
An engineer adjusts a driverless car dur

Are driverless cars really the future?

Missy Cummings of M.I.T. joins the show to discuss how engineers are now working on constructing autonomous vehicles, from cars to tractors to planes.
The Defiant Ones
Most of the original members were WWII servicemen. After leaving the ranks they wanted that same camaraderie, adrenaline and brotherhood. "We have club brothers, some were Crips, some were Bloods, but when you come here, guess what, you’re neither one. You’re a brother of the DOs -- a Defiant One," one member said.
The Baghdad Country Club by Josh Bearman

The story of Iraq's Baghdad Country Club

Josh Bearman tells the story of the Baghdad Country Club, a place where people could relax with a beer during the bloodiest years of the Iraq insurgency.
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