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Novelist Nell Freudenberger is back with 'The Newlyweds'

"The Newlyweds" by Nell Freudenberger.

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Writer Nell Freudenberger is one of the literary world's young superstars.

Her first story "Lucky Girls" was published in the New Yorker back in 2001 when she was just 26. Features in Elle and Vogue magazine soon followed.

Now, she's a mother of two and has a new novel called "The Newlyweds."

It's about a young woman from Bangladesh, Amina, who meets an American man, George, on the Internet. She wants to come to America and he wants a woman who isn't the like women he knows at home.

And so, after an 11 month online courtship, they marry.

It's the beginning of a lot of discoveries -- discoveries of each other, their different cultures and the secrets they both have.

Nell Freudenberger joins the show to explain how she got the idea for the story.