The Madeleine Brand Show for May 31, 2012

Activision and creators behind 'Call of Duty' begin battles in court

There's an ongoing feud in the world of video games, but it's not being played with controllers on any game platform — its being battled in court. Jason West and Vincent Zampella are former heads of the company behind the monstrously successful "Call of Duty" series, but they were fired in 2010 after reportedly meeting with a rival firm, and are now seeking millions in damages and missed royalty payments.
LAPD Takes Over Security At Dodgers Games After Attack On Giants Fan

Federal Grand Jury investigates former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt

A federal grand jury is investigating possible financial misconduct of the Dodgers when Frank and Jamie McCourt owned the franchise, according to a new report by Bill Shaikin of the LA Times.

New York proposes ban on large-size sodas

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks in New York, according to the Associated Press, in the hopes of combating obesity.

Atlanta's hip-hop scene through the eyes of female MC StaHHr

Cee-Lo Green. Andre 3000. Ludacris. Just a few of the rap superstars who started their hip-hop careers in Atlanta. The city's rap scene continues to support home-grown talent. Including an artist who calls herself "StaHHr". The double H stands for "hip hop." StaHHr flaunts those letters like stripes she's earned after nearly two decades on Atlanta's rap music scene.
Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory debuts 'Time's Up' planetarium show

The new "Time's Up" planetarium show debuts at Griffith Observatory tonight. The high-tech multimedia spectacular uses the Mayan 2012 prediction as a jumping off point to explore time and the cosmos. It's the first re-vamp of the presentation in years and it took 15 months to get off the ground.
2012 Stanley Cup Finals - Los Angeles Kings v New Jersey Devils

Randy and Jason Sklar cover the week's highlights in sports

Randy and Jason Sklar, twin brothers and hosts of the podcast "Sklarbro Country" and History Channel's "United Stats of America," join the show to talk about the latest in sports.
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