The Madeleine Brand Show for June 1, 2012

Dinner Party Download: Breakfast soda, the Cold War and staying fat

Philadelphia Area Taco Bell Restaurants Close Following E. Coli Warning

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

A man enters a closed Taco Bell restaurant at Franklin Mills Mall December 7, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam, hosts of The Dinner Party, join Madeleine Brand for their weekly booster shot of cultural news.

On tap this week, Mountain Dew AM. Taco Bell has been flirting with breakfast for years and only recently decided it was something that all its restaurants should eventually serve . But ever the food innovators, the folks at the Bell have apparently come up with the perfect drink to accompany its breakfast burritos, something called Mountain Dew A.M.

Also, this week marks the anniversary of a bizarre Cold War event. On May 28th, 1987, a 19-year-old flew through Soviet defenses to land a plane in Red Square, helping end the Cold War. According to a recent Guardian article, "he described his flight as a peace mission prompted by his disillusionment at the slow progress of disarmament talks."

Finally, according to an article in the The Daily Mail, it seems that you can never escape the stigma of being fat. Even when you've slimmed down, friends and family still remember people as overweight.

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