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Reports confirm Stuxnet virus created by the US

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Stuxnet, a cyber weapon believed by experts to have been created by Israel or the United States - some say China or Russia - is targeted specifically to gas centrifuges in Iran, causing havoc in their nuclear program. Don Hankins/Flickr

An exclusive front page story in today's New York Times confirms what had been suspected: the Stuxnet computer virus that attacked Iran's main nuclear facilities came from the United States with help from Israel.

David Sanger spent 18 months reporting the story for his new book about President Obama's use of covert military power.

Sanger reports that the Stuxnet virus was developed first under President Bush in 2006 under the code name "Olympic Games." But President Obama significantly increased its use and was involved very closely in how and when it was deployed.

In 2010, a flaw in the computer worm allowed it to escape into the Internet, exposing its code and structure. Now some fear that this technology can now be used against the U.S.

Seán Paul McGurk, cyber security consultant at the California-based cybersecurity firm ICS,joins the show to discuss the security risks.


Seán Paul McGurk is Chief Policy Officer for Industrial Controls Systems Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS ISAC).

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