The Madeleine Brand Show for June 1, 2012

More disappointment on the jobs front

KPCC's Steve Proffitt explains the gruesome details from today's job report.

How will declining jobs affect Obama's campaign?

PBS NewsHour's political editor Christina Bellantoni joins the show to look ahead and discuss what President Obama might do to improve things before the November election.
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Reports confirm US cyberattack on Iran

Seán Paul McGurk of ICS joins the show to discuss the confirmation that the US initiated cyberattacks against Iran.
California Voters Participate In The State's Pivotal Primary

How is the June 5 primary going to work?

Tuesday's vote will be the first statewide test of California's new open primary system. Voters created it when they passed Prop 14 in 2010.
Philadelphia Area Taco Bell Restaurants Close Following E. Coli Warning

Dinner Party Download: Breakfast soda, the Cold War and staying fat

Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam offer up some delectable discussion topics for your next dinner party.

How breast cancer awareness has become big business

'Pink Ribbons, Inc.' author Samantha King joins the show to explain how breast cancer awareness has become big business.
London Prepares For The Diamond Jubilee

Weekend Alibi: Diamond Jubilee, Krautrock and Tijuana

Meghan McCarty brings you the Weekend Alibi, a roundup of the best weekend entertainments around L.A. including celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, a "krautrock" tribute concert and a gastro-tour of Tijuana.
Premiere Of "Gumby" At The 2007 Tribeca Film Festival

Remembering Richard Beals, the voice of Gumby

Madeleine has a look back at the career of Richard Beals, the man who voiced the iconic Gumby.
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