The Madeleine Brand Show for June 5, 2012

US President Barack Obama, with Lilly Le

Attitudes toward women in the workplace formed at home

A new study by researchers at Harvard and NYU may shed some light on the causes for the income gap between men and women. Gayle Lemmon analyzed their research in an article published by The Atlantic today, essentially stating that men could be looking at women through the lenses of their own marriages
Jury Selection Begins In Sandusky Child Sex Abuse Trial

Jury selection begins for Sandusky trial

Happy Valley has changed drastically since news of the alleged Penn State sexual abuse scandal broke last year. Local reporter Anne Danahy joins the show to discuss the effect of the scandal on the town.
US film director Woody Allen arrives wit

Recapping the history of summer blockbusters

Summer is almost here, which means sun, fun and big movie releases. LA Times' John Horn looks back at the history of summer blockbusters and what to expect in the upcoming season.
In 1848, Phineas Gage survived a freak accident that drove a four-foot long iron rod up into his cheek and out through his head. At the time, Gage was a 25-year-old railroad worker. He survived, but his personality was completely altered: he went from being a mild-mannered, affable man to someone with violent mood swings who swore a blue streak. New research from UCLA could explain why Gage's personality changed so drastically.
Coachella Trash Series Part 2

Salton City landfill grows to 40 times its original size

The small municipal landfill, a big hole in the ground by the edge of town where all your household trash would end up, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

The price of oil tumbles, unfortunately it's olive oil

In major olive oil consuming countries, such as Italy, Spain and Greece, people are cutting back or switching to other, cheaper oils. Couple that with a bumper crop of olives in Europe, and prices have fallen to 1995 levels. California is hoping to convince consumers that like wine, the California oil is as good or better than stuff shipped from the old world.
2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Day 3

Drew Tewksbury reviews The Hives' latest

Music critic Drew Tewksbury joins the show to review The Hives' latest album, "Lex Hives."
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