The Madeleine Brand Show for June 12, 2012

For the first time in their 35-year franchise history, the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup. It's a pivotal moment for a team that's been quickly gaining new fans across the city, but for one fan, this moment has taken 35 years.
2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final ? Game Six
Randy, co-host of comedy and sports podcast "Sklarbro Country," and History Channel's new show, "United Stats of America," joins David to talk about about the strange traditions of the most famous trophy in sports, the Stanley Cup.
Deep Springs College
The institutional memory of Deep Springs is short. Its 20-year-old keepers sing while washing up after meals. Loud songs. Bieber. Women might soon join them.
Mercer 14163

Freezer malfunction jeopardizes autism research

The quest to find more effective treatments for autism is facing a major setback after a freezer malfunction at a Harvard hospital. The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, the largest and oldest federally funded "brain bank" in the United States, is calling this a "devastating" loss. The center provides post-mortem brain tissue to researchers across the country, many of whom are trying to understand autism.
Joe Biden Delivers High School Commencement Address At Marlins Park
High school teacher David McCullough Jr., son of the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, did not take the usual approach towards a commencement speech.
Tour of California - Stage 2
At the Olympics Games in London next month, athletes and specators alike will want to chronicle the experience with their smartphones. But, the rise of social media is creating concern for the Olympic organizers.
The love of doing something even if it means no financial reward or recognition is the hallmark of an amateur, says Jack Hitt, author of new book called "Bunch of Amateurs." For his new book, Hitt traveled around the country meeting amateurs and distilling their experiences into a vision of America's essence.
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