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The summer TV lineup: could it be better than staring at a blank screen?

"Breaking Bad" makes it's return to TV on July 15.
Courtesy of Ursula Coyote/AMC

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The long lazy days of summer have arrived. Time for barbecues, pool parties and the new summer TV lineup. Traditionally, summer TV is dominated by reruns or mindless reality competition shows, and there are certainly some of those available, but there are a few gems that might lure you in from the sunshine and back to your couch.

Some season premiere highlights include Aaron Sorkin's newest HBO drama, "The Newsroom," on June 24, AMC's Breaking Bad, returns on July 15, and Charlie Sheen makes his triumphant return to television for FX's Anger Management on June 28.


Meredith Blake, writes about TV for The LA Times and AV Club.