The Madeleine Brand Show for June 25, 2012

Parts Of Controversial AZ Immigration Law Struck Down By Supreme Court

Supreme Court rules on Arizona's immigration law

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 5-3 on Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law, striking down three provisions and upholding one. What's considered the heart of law, that police can check the immigration status of people they stop, still stands.
Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments On Arizona Immigration Law

Critics of illegal immigration react to SB 1070 ruling

The Supreme Court ruling on Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law upheld one provision of SB 1070, but struck down three others. Strong opponents of illegal immigrations championed Arizona's law, and those that followed in Alabama and Georgia.
Mitt Romney Addresses NALEO 29th Annual Conference In Florida

Political fallout from immigration ruling

President Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney have been shaping their messages on immigration over the past week, in part, to attract Latino voters.

ACLU of Arizona reacts to Supreme Court immigration decision

The federal government wasn't alone in suing Arizona over its immigration law. The ACLU of Arizona also has a lawsuit pending over SB 1070.
Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin on his new HBO drama, 'The Newsroom'

Aaron Sorkin is the writer behind critically adored shows like "The West Wing," "Sports Night" and the movie "The Social Network."

Jackson impersonators keep the memory alive

It's the 3rd anniversary of the death of pop star Michael Jackson but his grip on the popular imagination remains substantial. So much so that he spawned a legion of impersonators second only perhaps to Elvis.
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