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San Diego fireworks show suffers from 'premature ignition'

San Diego Fireworks Fail

Lightning Jeff/flickr CC

18 minutes worth of fireworks exploded in about 10 seconds, in San Diego, Calif.

Officials are blaming a "premature ignition" for an all-too-brief fireworks show over San Diego Bay last night. Minutes before the scheduled 20-minute show was supposed to start, all of the fireworks fired at once.

The Coast Guard says the mishap occurred minutes before the scheduled opening of the Big Bay Boom show. About 50,000 people were estimated to have been in attendance.

Show producer Garden State Fireworks has apologized, saying they were working to determine what "caused the entire show to be launched in about 15 seconds."


Tom Fudge, of KPBS in San Diego

Information from the Associated Press contributed to this report

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