The Madeleine Brand Show for July 6, 2012

US President Barack Obama.

Obama and Romney spins on June job numbers

President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney each responded to the disappointing June job numbers released Friday. The economy added only 80,000 jobs last month.

Criminal investigation into Barclay's for LIBOR manipulation

It may make your eyes glaze over at the mention, but the LIBOR (London Interbank Overnight Rate) is a key to the economy. The rate is the basis for many loans and transactions, from adjustable rate mortgages to credit cards and small business loans.

'White Wash' tells story of black surfers

This weekend there's a screening of a documentary that dives into one of California's signature sports: surfing. But it focuses on a slice of the surfing world that often gets over looked — African Americans.
Mercer 13926

The pitfalls of social media as a medical practitioner

Medical professionals are being warned about the dangers of social networking. Doctors are turning more and more to Facebook and Twitter to market their businesses. But some are overstepping the boundaries of doctor/patient confidentiality by discussing individual cases online and even offering medical advice to people they don't know.
The Castel of Vaduz, home of the Liechte

Looking for a job? Head to Liechtenstein

The June jobs numbers were disappointing stateside, but what about other places where the job market is rosier? KPCC’s Steve Proffitt explains why it might be easier to find employment in places like Liechtenstein, Belarus and Austria.
Don Winslow

A trip through Southern California's drug trade

Author Don Winslow is back with a new novel, “The Kings of Cool,” a prequel to “Savages,” which has been made into a movie by Oliver Stone and comes out today.
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