The Madeleine Brand Show for July 13, 2012

Coming of age in a time of miracles

On a seemingly ordinary day in California, the impossible happens... the rotation of the earth suddenly begins to slow. The days and nights grow longer and the environment is thrown into disarray.
Transmission MOCA

Shake ups at MOCA leave the museum's future in limbo

Artist John Baldessari is stepping down from the Museum of Contemporary Art's board of trustees. We talk with author Hunter Drohojowska-Philp about the museum.
Comic-Con International 2012 - General Atmosphere - Day 1

Live from Comic-Con

There's nothing more pop culture-y than Comic-Con. The annual festival of fantasy, featuring legions of fans dressed as their favorite characters is in full swing down in San Diego.

An Iraqi translator's long journey to Los Angeles

Tariq Abu Khumra on his experience working for the U.S. military as a translator in Iraq and his move to Los Angeles.
BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend 2012 - Day 1

Debunking the legal claims made in Jay Z's "99 Problems"

KPCC's Dinner Party hosts join Madeleine Brand to talk pop culture, Andy Warhol, and the dubious legal claims of one of rap's biggest stars.
Nordic Thunder, last year's reigning air guitar champion

Weekend Alibi: Breaking Bad, Bastille Day and air guitars

Meghan McCarty brings you a number of ways to get into the Los Angeles scene, including a Bastille Day celebration and the L.A. regional air guitar championships.
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