The Madeleine Brand Show for July 16, 2012

Glen Bearian, the California black bear that tweets

The Glendale Bear's twitter picture

Scott Lowe via Flickr Creative Commons

A flag created for the Glendale Bear.

Yesterday a 400 pound California black bear was found sleeping in a tree in suburban Glendale. Authorities tranquilized and transported the animal back to the Angeles National Forest. This wasn't just any bear though. Glen Bearian, as he is known, is a local celebrity. For months now, the animal has wandered the streets of Glendale stealing snacks, digging through trash cans and lounging by pools. He even tweets... or, at least someone tweets on his behalf. We talk to Sarah Aujero, manager of the twitter account @TheGlendaleBear.


Sarah Aujero lives in Glendale and tweets for Glen Bearian, the Glendale bear.

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