The Madeleine Brand Show for July 16, 2012

Armed Police On Patrol In Olympic Park

London Olympics get off to rocky start

The Guardian columnist Simon Hoggart says that the
Mitt Romney Addresses NALEO 29th Annual Conference In Florida

The secret behind Mitt Romney's super IRA

Candidate Mitt Romney is on the defense over his tenure of Bain Capital. The Obama campaign says he was in charge of the firm during the years when it outsourced jobs. Another aspect of Romney's time at Bain Capital has been getting less attention though.

The power of the Court of Arbitration for Sport

The Tour de France is one of the most grueling sporting events in the world. A three week ride through 2,000 miles of French countryside.
Gardener Martin Gutierres and his leaf blower

Despite ban, Santa Monica residents still irked by leaf blowers

The beach city has long banned the use of noisy leaf blowers, but that doesn't mean that the practice of using them has stopped.
Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety

Author Daniel Smith finds anxiety in life's mundane moments

In his new book, Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety, author Daniel Smith traces his anxiety back to his childhood and looks at the ways it shaped him as an adult.
The Glendale Bear's twitter picture

Glen Bearian, the California black bear that tweets

Sarah Aujero tweets in the voice of Glen Bearian, the 400 pound California black bear that is known to roam the streets of Glendale., California.
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