The Madeleine Brand Show for July 17, 2012

Fixing the Future

Fixing the economy and fixing our future

Unemployment is still high, foreclosure filings have increased, and by all accounts, there is still a long time for the economy to see a full recovery. But what exactly would it take to fix the economy? Tax breaks, tax cuts and economic stimulus? More jobs, less debt and increased home values? Ideas mostly originate from the same two places, Washington and Wall Street, but what if solutions for job creation came from 'Mom and Pop' businesses on Main Street? That's the question reporter David Brancaccio set out to answer in his new documentary, "Fixing the Future"
Google Previews New Search Technology

Marissa Mayer prepares for Yahoo and motherhood

Marissa Mayer, now one of Silicon Valley's most powerful female executives, starts her new job today as CEO of Yahoo. Marissa Mayer was employee #20 at Google, and a top executive there. Now, she's among the few women to break the glass ceiling in the male-dominated tech sphere, joining the ranks of Cheryl Sandburg of Facebook and Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard. Mayer is now also the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to be pregnant.

LA City Attorney sues US Bank over deteriorating foreclosed homes

The LA City Attorney's Office filed a lawsuit against US Bank, alleging that the bank illegally allowed foreclosed homes to deteriorate into slums and "public nuisances". The Los Angeles Times says problems were found with US Bank's handling of 1,500 foreclosures, which included some 150 homes that have fallen into disrepair. The city is seeking an injunction, financial penalties and restitution from the company.
Michael Gould of Whisper Landscape Maintenance poses with his leaf blower.

In SoCal, hope for safer, quieter leaf blowing

Leaf blowers are loud, obnoxious and they spew dangerous emissions. But inventive entrepreneurs are developing technologies they hope will help.

White abalone faces extinction

White abalone are large sea snails that used to be found in large numbers in rocky reefs and kelp forests along the Southern California coast. A recent study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says white abalone could soon be extinct.
The Very Best

New Music Tuesday: Frank Ocean and The Very Best

NPR music critic Ann Powers is back with new music from Frank Ocean and The Very Best.
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