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Comedian Maria Bamford discusses guest role on 'Louie' and antics with her mom

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Comedian Maria Bamford will be performing her new hour of comedy at the Fake Gallery in Los Angeles on July 27 and August 3 at 8 p.m. Susan Maljan

Comedian Maria Bamford has a dedicated group of fans, but for much of America, she flies low on the radar. But the comedian says she likes it that way — she prefers small, cozy comedy rooms where her niche jokes are appreciated.

One of her most famous bits is her baby Jesus impression, in which she leaves voicemail messages for her deeply religious mother while posing as the divine toddler.

It's during this comedy routine that we first see Bamford in her upcoming guest star role on "Louie," the popular TV series created by stand-up comedian Louis C.K.

"He is an extremely hard worker," Bamford said of comedian Louis C.K. "It was really quite beautiful to watch him work."

Bamford plays one of Louie's many love interests. Her episode premiers tonight on FX.

Bamford recently came to the studio to talk with Madeleine Brand about her appearance on the show and her career in comedy. KPCC fans will also enjoy her obsession with the station.

Bamford was awestruck when she spotted Patt Morrison in studio wearing one of her hats. The comedian says she's a subscriber and listens to the station nine hours a day while she's working at home.


Maria Bamford began her career in Duluth, Minnesotta. She's made multiple late-night appearances on shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Bamford also starred in the Target's popular Black Friday commercial campaign.

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