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How the 'Dark Knight' shooting could change theater security

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In the wake of the shooting in Colorado, some theaters are considering new security measures. Will movie goers eventually get an airport like screening before taking their seats?

Not likely, says Steve Layne, a security consultant for Layne Consultants International, a Denver based security firm.

"I've heard a number of different discussions this morning about metal detection probably being in the forefront for theaters," said Layne. " I don't know if metal detection is the best thing to think about because that means a lot of changes and it would change a lot of the habits of movie goers."

He says installing and operating body scanners is very expensive and would likely drive up ticket prices.

Layne thinks instead, theaters will step up efforts to inspect backpacks and bags as customers enter. He also explains why it may be harder to wear costumes to the cinema in the future.

"The first thing that we advise is that people consider what's reasonable for the circumstances, and reasonable protection means going back to the very basic security of making sure that all access doors are secure, and if they are open, as apparently took place in this incident, it wasn't someone coming through the main entry it was someone coming back through an emergency exit door," said Layne. "Those doors should be secure, they really ought to be alarmed so if they're forced open or left open there's an indication given to management and they can respond to that."


Steve Layne is a security consultant for Layne Consultants International, a Denver based security firm.