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Comedian Teresa Strasser on the differences between a first and second pregnancy

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Teresa Strasser writes about the not-so-cute bits of having a baby in her book, Exploiting my Baby: Because its Exploiting Me.

Comedia Teresa Strasser talks about getting through her second pregnancy, and the differences from her first. Strasser explains that much of the novelty around pregnancy wears off.

"The first time you get the ultrasound [you say], 'This is my baby. Look at it, it's so cute.' [and] you laminate it," Strasser said. "My current ultrasound is in my glove compartment, and I'm pretty sure there's some Crystal Light dust on it."

Strasser is pregnant with another boy, and though she would have liked to experience being a parent to a girl as well, Strasser says, "I don't plan on carrying my luggage in life. Right around 10, 12, 13, when other people's girls will really start to hate them, at worst my boys will be sullenly ignoring me."


Teresa Strasser, is an Emmy-winning writer and author of Exploiting My Baby Because It's Exploiting Me

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