The Madeleine Brand Show for August 2, 2012

Markets React To Results Of Fed Policy Meeting

Computers take stock market on a wild ride

Investors suffered through a bit of déjà vu yesterday, as a computer glitch affected the routing of shares of around 150 stocks, causing big swings in some share prices.
Olympics 2012

Preventing an Olympic contagion outbreak

Health officials have taken extraordinary measures to monitor travelers making their way to and from the Games. Their focus sounds like something closer to a movie thriller than a public health concern. Officials are hoping to prevent the outbreak of a contagion, that visitors could contract at the Olympics, that may spread across the globe.

Craigslist faces off against small-time programmers

Craigslist is used by millions a day, but it can be a chore to go through piles of listings to find the best deals. Small-time programmers have built free applications to make it easier to navigate Craigslist. But Craigslist isn't having it. In fact, Craigslist has sent numerous cease-and-desist letters to programmers.
US swimmer Michael Phelps speaks at a pr

Olympics round-up with A Martinez

Lots of action coming up in the Olympics today. The US men's basketball team goes up against Nigeria. So far, the U.S. team has been blowing out the competition. And in tennis, players move into the quarter final round of the singles competition.

Engineer Gordon Henderson's walk gone awry

Engineer Gordon Henderson expected a pleasant early morning walk, but ended up face to face with a predator.

The literature and pop culture of Mars

Our planetary next door neighbor, Mars, has inspired musicians, filmmakers, writers and even animators to muse about what life would be like there.
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