The Madeleine Brand Show for August 7, 2012

Gas prices likely to spike in wake of Chevron oil fire

The massive fire that engulfed the Chevron oil refinery in Bay-Area Richmond Monday night could cause gas prices to rise.
New Yorkers Seek Relief From Summer Heat At The Beach

Finding the link between climate change and heat waves

Expect more hot summers like the current heat wave that's plaguing Southern California, says a new scientific paper published yeseterday by the National Academy of Sciences.
Penn State v Wisconsin

Penn State football moves past the Sandusky scandal

The Penn State football program is up and running again. The Nittany Lions held their first practice Monday after being hit with sanctions by the NCAA for their mishandling of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. KPCC's A Martinez explains the changes the team is facing.

Award-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at 68

You may have never heard of Marvin Hamlisch. But you've no doubt heard his music. The genius behind "A Chorus Line," "The Way We Were" and "The Spy Who Loved Me" died in Los Angeles yesterday at the age of 68. The film and theater composer won dozens of awards throughout his career, including three Academy Awards, four Grammies and even a Pulitzer. His third Oscar award was for his adaptation of Scott Joplin's music for the 1973 film, "The Sting."

Residents and merchants concerned about Central LA Walmart

Walmart is getting ready to move into a space in Los Angeles's Chinatown. But the retail giant is facing opposition, including an official appeal to its permits. LA County is home to a handful of Walmart stores, but this one, right near the downtown's urban heart, has triggered concerns that soon, Los Angeles may see hundreds of Walmarts dotting its streets.
Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival 2008 - Day 1

New Music Tuesday: Redd Kross

Music critic Drew Tewksbury is back for another installment of New Music Tuesday. This week, he reviews the album "Researching the Blues" from Redd Kross.
Ants at war

Wars under our feet - Ant battles explained

Human's closest relative may be the chimpanzee. But when it comes to how we set up our society, we look a lot more like ants. Ants and humans both deal with complex issues like traffic management, public safety, crop domestication and even prolonged warfare. Mark Moffett details some of these similarities in an article in this month's Scientific American.

Romance advice from Dear Sugar

'Dear Sugar' is the name of the wildly popular online advice column. It's been described as the 'ultimate advice column for the Internet age.' And recently, the person behind the column revealed something else: her identity.
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