The Madeleine Brand Show for August 8, 2012

President Obama Announces New Rules For Student Loan Payback

Will Colorado swing to Obama or Romney in November?

The upcoming November election for President will hinge on swing states that both candidates are focusing on to secure the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency. One such state is Colorado, where new polls out today from Quinnipiac College, CBS and the New York Times show candidate Mitt Romney leading President Obama by 5 points.
Screenshot of the "SoCal Close-ups" travel app

'SoCal Close-ups' app explores LA through your iPad

A new iPad app by L.A. Times travel writer Chris Reynolds maps and documents off-beat places to visit in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles County District Attorney race, Jackie Lacey, Alan Jackson

LA County District Attorney hopefuls Lacey and Jackson face-off

The race for the Los Angeles County's chief prosecutor entered a new phase last night when Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey and Deputy DA Alan Jackson met in their first face-to-face debate since the primary election June 5. KPCC's Frank Stoltze breaks down the showdown.
National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Los Angeles

Why white power bands thrive in Orange County

The FBI announced this morning that Wade Michael Page, the man who killed six people at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin Sunday, died of a self-inflicted gunshot to his head. Authorities are still trying to determine his motive, which may never happen, but Page left clues. He was apparently a white supremacist. For years he played in so-called 'Hate Rock bands' including one here in Orange County.
Customers queue for coffee at Starbucks

Paying for Starbucks with your Square-bucks

Starbucks and Square are rolling out a deal to let customers pay for coffee with their smartphones via the Pay with Square app.

Shannon Eastin takes the field as first female NFL referee

Tomorrow night, the NFL will make history by putting the first female referee on the field. Shannon Eastin will officiate the preseason opener between the San Diego Chargers and the Green Bay Packers. KPCC's A Martinez explains why it's taken so long for a female official to break through.
Olympics Day 11 - Beach Volleyball

Hometown trainer delighted by Olympic success of women's volleyball

Two US women's volleyball teams are competing for Olympic gold. We speak with Dan Glenn, he coached two of the players when they were still in high school.
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