The Madeleine Brand Show for August 16, 2012

Screenshot from PSY's video Gangnam Style

PSY, Hyuna, 2NE1: Can K-Pop crossover?

Korean pop music, K-Pop for short, is finally finding a mainstream audience in the U.S., but does it really have crossover appeal?
House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan Introduces His FY2013 Budget

Medicare debate heats up presidential race

Mitt Romney's choice of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate has put the Medicare debate front and center in the presidential race. Madeleine talks about the candidate's positions on the issue with Margot Sanger-Katz, the health care correspondent for the National Journal.
Thirteen Dead In Mass Shooting At Fort Hood

Trial of Fort Hood shooter put on hold

The trial for an Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting has been delayed because of his objection to being forcibly shaved. Madeleine will talk about the delay, and the trial at large with Eugene Fidell, Yale law professor and military expert.

Picking the perfect vice president

Four years ago, as a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain, Steve Schmidt made the fateful decision to push Sarah Palin for VP. As everyone knows, that didn't go according to plan. But Schmidt's services as a Republican strategist continue to be in hot demand, as does his opinion on the choice of Paul Ryan to be Mitt Romney's running mate.
Google Announces Nexus Tablet At Its Developers Conference I/O

Tech update with John Moe: Apple loses a few inches and Microsoft gets a face-lift

John Moe, host of the Marketplace Tech Report, joins the show to talk about the latest news in the tech world.
United States v Mexico - International Friendly

Sklar bros on sports: A few firsts in the sports world

Randy and Jason Sklar, hosts of comedy and sports podcast Sklarbro Country, and History Channel's, United Stats of America, join the show to talk about the latest in the sports world.
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