The Madeleine Brand Show for August 17, 2012

US army soldiers of Task Force 3-66 Brav

Army suicide rate breaks record in July

The Army reported a record number of soldier suicides last month. Thirty-eight soldiers are suspected of killing themselves in July — more than one service member a day.
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Father of Navy suicide victim tells son's story

Don Lipstein lost his son, a Navy veteran, to suicide last year. He says no one's to blame, but everyone could have done more to prevent his death.
heroin drug addiction

Young painkiller addicts switch to heroin; overdose rates rise

As the street price of powerful pain pills like Oxycontin has soared, many teens and young adults are turning to another narcotic to get a cheap high, heroin.
Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Announces Rep. Paul Ryan As His Vice Presidential Pick

How do political parties create platforms?

A week from Monday, Republicans will gather in Tampa, Florida for their party convention. Their first order of business? Voting on the party's official platform. It's a formal statement of the party's basic principles. Hundreds of people have spent months creating the document and the sad truth is that few, if any, will actually read it. Madeleine talks to KPCC's A Martinez about the history of the platform and what goes into writing it.

Pussy Riot sentenced to two years in Russian prison

Today, members of the the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, were sentenced to two years in prison for hooliganism.

The Dinner Party: Who's your daddy?

Madeleine gets the topics for your next party with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of KPCC's Dinner Party. On tap this week, the Darwinian explanation for popularity of blonde hair, what exactly is the "Who's Your Daddy Truck," and a very old lunar hoax.

Weekend Alibi: Tarzan turns 100, Gyoza and Beer

Meghan McCarty brings you the Weekend Alibi, a roundup of the best entertainments in Southern California ... so if anyone asks you on Monday morning where you were over the weekend, you'll have something good to tell them.
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