The Madeleine Brand Show for August 17, 2012

Army suicides hit a record high in July. A former Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army talks about why the suicide rate is increasing now. We also have the second part of our story on the rise of heroin abuse in California. Pussy Riot, the punk rock girl band, has been sentenced to two years in prison for staging a protest in a famous Russian Orthodox Church. And if you're looking for something to do this weekend, Meghan McCarty has you covered with her Weekend Alibi. She'll tell you where to go to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first Tarzan story published by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Finally, Madeleine has some news for listeners about some changes to the show.
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Stockton, CA Leads Nation In Rate Of Foreclosures

The Madeleine Brand Show for June 27, 2012

Stockton is now the biggest city in America to declare bankruptcy. We find out how many other cities are on the verge. Then, the Affordable Care Act supposedly had the funniest Supreme Court hearing in history. Madeleine talks with Ryan Malphurs, who analyzed all six hours of hearings to prove it. And, are animals more like us than we think? New book "Zoobiquity" says humans could learn a lot from our animal counterparts. Music critic Drew Tewksbury reviews Fiona Apple's newest album in seven years. Luke Burbank brings us the awesome and not awesome news of the week. And we remember the awesome Nora Ephron.

Mexico Elections

The Madeleine Brand Show for June 26, 2012

Mexico elects a new president this Sunday. We break down the history of the PRI political party, expected to take control from Felipe Calderón's PAN party. What will it mean for the drug war and oil trade? But student movement "Yo Soy Ciento Treinta y Dos" is not happy about the expected power shift. It’s time for another installment in our regular series of conversations with Grammar Girl, a super hero of spelling, punctuation and all things grammar. And, social media is playing a more pivotal role in the 2012 presidential race than any other election, and both Obama and presumptive GOP nominee Romney have been ramping up their game. KPCC's reporter Josie Huang explains the cyberwar over voters.

Supreme Court Immigration

The Madeleine Brand Show for June 25, 2012

The Supreme Court's decision on Arizona's immigration law is split. With some provisions struck and one still in place, we hear from legal experts, law enforcement in Arizona, and the political reaction in Washington. We'll also hear a special segment from Madeleine Brand's interview with Aaron Sorkin from the Los Angeles Film Festival. And today marks the third anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.

Janet Evans USA

The Madeleine Brand Show for June 22, 2012

Former Olympian Janet Evans is looking to make an Olympic comeback. We examine the political influence of the Koch Brothers, who are hosting a meeting in San Diego this weekend. And how will the 2012 Farm Bill affect Southern California farmers? Director Benh Zeitlin discusses his critically acclaimed "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Also, Scotland is seeking to reap the benefit of Disney-Pixar's "Brave" with a tourism campaign. Humorist Cole Gamble takes aim on poorly conceived movie merchandise and The Dinner Party guys offer up some conversation fodder for your weekend get-together.

The Madeleine Brand Show for June 21, 2012

Twenty percent of women in the military have reported being raped or sexually assaulted. Few of the perpetrators are punished, and often it's the victim who ends up accused of a crime, like adultery, and discharged. Filmmaker Kirby Dick reveals how difficult it is to get justice. New evidence was released today in the Trayvon Martin case. George Zimmerman, offers a very different version of what happened that night. Marketplace's John Moe is here with tech news. It's Greece versus Germany, adversaries in the debt crisis, now facing off on the soccer pitch. And the Sklar Brothers are back with the highlights in sports.

A Rolls Royce Ghost priced at 352, 944 e

The Madeleine Brand Show for June 20, 2012

Times are tough for a lot of Americans, but even the wealthy are cutting back on their luxury purchases. Barron's Richard Morais explains that life as the 1% isn't just caviar and champagne. And, Hollywood's iconic skyline could be in for a makeover. A new redevelopment plan could mean high-rises and an influx of new money, but some residents aren't happy with the change. Finding a place to stay on vacation is easier with websites like Airbnb, but staying in an apartment means lost hotel tax revenue for cities. And Luke Burbank is back with the awesome and not awesome news of the week.