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Every weekend, Marketplace Money brings the week’s economic headlines home by looking at matters of personal finance with wit and wisdom.

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03/07/2014 Marketplace Money - Personal Finance Party

This weekend, guest host Lizzie O’Leary and reporter Nancy Marshall-Genzer discuss the impact of President Obama’s federal budget proposal. How does the budget impact our wallets? Plus, Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson discusses the latest tech in money. Personal finance expert Louis Barajas answers listeners’ questions about saving and spending. Also, musician Andrew WK contemplates the personal finance behind partying, we examine whether networking actually works for everyone and listeners tell us how their music buying habits have changed over the years.

02/28/14 Marketplace Money - Stormy Weather

This week, guest host Lizzie O'Leary and financial education expert Beth Kobliner explain how to talk to kids about money at every age. Dan Kadlec, contributor to TIME magazine, joins Marketplace Money to discuss Oklahoma’s mandate to add financial literacy courses to their high school curriculum. Lizzie and finance expert Jill Schlesinger answer listener questions. Digital producer Raghu Manavalan discusses what’s happening in social media and we see how bad weather hits the wallets of people across the U.S. Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson talk about the future of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, have we seen its demise? And comedian Maria Bamford looks back on her life for our Family Money series.

02/21/2014 Marketplace Money - Millennial Malaise

This weekend on Marketplace Money, guest host David Lazarus talks to Erin Lowry of about how students are paying more in student loans than they did just four years ago, and how the debt affects other aspects of their lives. Also, David Lazarus takes a look at why people should read the fine print of the terms and conditions of consumer goods and services if they want to protect their wallet. Rene Alegria, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mamiverse, a digital platform devoted to Latina moms and their families, tells us how his upbringing and family affect how he views money today. David Lazarus answers listener questions along with personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi, and he talks to Lisa Gerstner of Kiplinger about how to complain the right way in order to get what you want. Digital producer Raghu Manavalan updates David Lazarus on what’s happening on social media and we take a look at airline fees: Why they exist and how to avoid them.

02/14/2014 Marketplace Money - Tax psychology

This week on Marketplace Money, guest host Lizzie O’Leary gets the latest news on Obamacare from Marketplace reporter Dan Gorenstein. Marketplace Tech's Ben Johnson gives us a lesson in the volatile currency Bitcoin. Lizzie O’Leary and personal finance columnist Liz Weston answer your questions, and now that most people have their W-2s, we’re looking at the psychology and the practicalities behind taxes and refunds. Indian-American politician Reshma Saujani reflects on how her family’s approach to handling money influenced her own financial habits and digital producer Raghu Manavalan looks at the conversations we're having out in social media.

02-07-2014 Marketplace Money - Cash is king?

This weekend on Marketplace Money, guest host David Lazarus, columnist for the LA Times, gets the latest news on consumer data breaches. Is there a real benefit to buying everything with cash? Rob Wile of Business Insider joins him to talk about the cons of cash and what consumers can do to protect themselves while shopping. Also, Marketplace reporter Noel King explores the state of wealth in the African-American community and what small businesses are doing to take advantage of black buying power. Plus, we take a look a the trend of commercial ads "keeping it real" with diverse casting and subject matters, and Indian-American politician Reshma Saujani reflects on how her family's approach to handling money influenced her own financial habits.

01-31-14 Marketplace Money - Preparing for unemployment

This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong explores the experience of being out of work and knowing your last unemployment benefits payment is on the way. Marketplace reporter Mitchell Hartman joins her to talk about what you can do to prepare – financially and mentally – for more hard times. Also, are women more reluctant to talk about their accomplishments in the workplace? Guests Jessi Smith, a psychologist at Montana State University, and author Peggy Klaus discuss how gender stereotypes affect the earning potential of women when it comes to tooting their own horns on the job. Plus, we look at who’s chipping in to the big pot of money being gambled on the Super Bowl and science writer Mary Roach talks about how her family influenced her financial habits.