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Every weekend, Marketplace Money brings the week’s economic headlines home by looking at matters of personal finance with wit and wisdom.

Recent Episodes

Marketplace Money - 12/13/2013

This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong Ulrich explores why new car sales are soaring and what that means for the used car inventory and consumers. Plus, the holidays are a great time for folks to earn extra cash through sites like Taskrabbit, where freelancers can bid for odd jobs. Carmen and a guest expert answer questions about saving for retirement from listeners working in the gig economy. Also, feeding your family can be an expensive feat during the holidays, particularly if you want to make meals that are nutritious. Stic of the rap group Dead Prez joins the show to talk about how to “eat good on a hood budget.”

12-06-13 Marketplace Money - Money and psychology

This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong Ulrich explores the psychology of self-control leading up to the time of year when people make resolutions – financial and otherwise. She’s joined by Maria Konnikova, author of the forthcoming book “Mastermind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes” to talk about willpower, determination and rewards. CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger also joins the program to help answer listeners’ questions about personal finance, plus Carmen digs into the topic of financial gifts in a special “Lightning Round” of Q&As. Also, we check back in with a former guest who had $1,000 riding on a weight loss competition to see what the outcome was.

11-29-13 Marketplace Money - 'Tis the season

This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong Ulrich addresses some usual – and unusual – questions about how family and finances mix during the holiday season. First, reporter Stacey Vanek Smith shares the myriad ways stores use technology to stalk customers while they shop, in hopes of making them spend more money. Plus, psychiatrist Gail Saltz joins the program to discuss how people rationalize overspending on gifts for loved ones and ways to break that bad financial habit. Also, Greg Graffin of the punk rock band Bad Religion reflects on how his spending habits were shaped by his frugal father. And, a pair of personal finance experts debate the value of the financial literacy movement.

11-22-13 Marketplace Money - The New Math of Healthcare

This weekend on Marketplace Money, host Carmen Wong Ulrich presents a special collaboration with The New York Times called “The New Math of Healthcare.” The show features interviews with Times and Marketplace reporters who explore the changing landscape of American healthcare, including what the transitions mean for retirees and the uninsured. Plus, how to shop for the right health plan for you. We also check in with folks who have to work on the Thanksgiving holiday and break down what the latest news about the Dow means for the average investor.

11-15-13 Marketplace Money

This weekend, Marketplace Money’s host Carmen Wong Ulrich calculates the cost of homeownership with a first time home buyer.  Jennifer wants to buy, but does the math and her motive align with the investment?  Plus, what do you do with $500,000 in a savings account?  When you meet a fee-only financial planner, how do you prepare yourself to get the most out of that conversation?  Author Amy Tan talks pickles and soup.  Eating out shaped the way she lives money.  And Carmen also gets a guide to rating charities. 

Marketplace Money - 11/08/2013

This weekend, newly minted Marketplace Money expert Carmen Wong Ulrich looks ahead to the holidays, gives listeners guidance, and even holds up to a lightning round of personal finance questions. Five minutes of fast and furious answers about paying off debt, buying a home, and starting a small business. We hear from a professor who went undercover as a worker in check cashing branch and what she learned from the experience. Carmen hosts a roundtable with a rabbi and Christian woman about what the relationship between money and religion is, and what it should be.  Plus, Vanguard Founder John Bogle shares how his family shaped his money philosophy.