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Every weekend, Marketplace Money brings the week’s economic headlines home by looking at matters of personal finance with wit and wisdom.

Recent Episodes

11-01-13 Marketplace Money - Money and Relationships

This weekend, personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich debuts as the new host of Marketplace Money. We'll have a round-up of personal-finance headlines in the news and a discussion on how keeping secrets about money affects relationships. Plus, a debate about whether or not marriage should be viewed as a financial contract. We'll answer questions about credit card debt, early retirement and the role credit history plays in personal identity from our listeners.

10-25-13 Marketplace Money - Money Secrets

This week: Money Secrets. Shhh…. Secret bank accounts.  Hidden credit cards.  Hard to find investments.  Fifteen percent of Americans—with merged finances—admit to having a financial account their partners don’t know about.  We talk with two listeners who have squirreled away money.  Also, a conversation with Carmen Wong Ulrich, the new Marketplace Money host.  She talks about why we keep secrets and also answers listeners questions.  Plus,  your brain on money.  Poverty, wealth, and decisions:  Surprising new research about the mind’s financial eye.

10-18-13 Marketplace Money - Financial Health

This Week: Financial Health.  Money can motivate us in all sorts of ways.  Change your job.  Pick one house over another.  And in some instances, change our behavior.  We spend time this week with two folks who have done that:  using money to lose weight. Workplaces are also getting into the act.  Using financial carrots and sticks to encourage healthier lifestyles for their workers.  Plus, how should we learn about personal finance?  With schools?  And get some answers to these personal finance puzzles:  When should you put a home on the market? What’s the math behind taking money out of your portfolio if you don’t want go back to work?

10-11-13 Marketplace Money - The Fed and the 401(k)

This Week: The Fed & the 401(k). President Obama nominated Janet Yellen to be the next Federal Reserve chair. We take a look at that news in the context of one area where the Federal Reserve matters: interest rates and housing. And, more than 70 million Americans have retirement accounts at work. In the last few years, there have been more lawsuits filed by workers against their companies and the plans they administer. What should you know about your 401(k)? A primer on the questions to ask your administrator about fees and performance. Plus, an update on the health care exchanges. Then, Marketplace’s Chris Farrell answers your personal finance questions, including when to buy life-insurance.

10-04-13 Marketplace Money - Economic Mobility

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. And yearning to move... up. Isn't that idea of economic mobility central to who we are as Americans? So what does it mean now? Is there a glass floor, preventing people from improving their lives? Plus, a look at foreign and domestic adoptions. What you should look for in an agency? What should you prepare for in terms of costs? Perspectives from a family and a social worker. And, lots of you wrote in asking this question…How do you fix an error on a credit report. Are all errors worth your time?

09-27-13 Marketplace Money

Set a budget. Save for retirement. Plan for college savings. But how do those rules fit with your circumstances? This week, we feature conversations that go beyond the fine print of personal finance. What type of college savings account works best? A look at the differences between a Roth IRA and a 529 savings plan. When should you think about buying a home? How does that influence what you save for retirement? Plus, prepare yourself for a fee battle. What you can do to get the upper hand on hidden costs.