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Every weekend, Marketplace Money brings the week’s economic headlines home by looking at matters of personal finance with wit and wisdom.

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09-20-13 Marketplace Money

The American Dream. What does that even mean now, anyway? We've spent the past few weeks trying to figure it out and asking people about their dreams. Getting educated, making a home, and retiring comfortably. A slew of experts helped us build a financial roadmap of sorts:  from where you are now to where you want to be. This week’s show follows up with you. What you wrote us, what you wanted more information about, and what stories you shared.  Plus, economic policy often shapes how you pay for those big dreams. We look at the role of the Federal Reserve. 

09-13-13 Marketplace Money

The American Dream resonates with millions of Americans -- getting a college degree, buying a home, retiring comfortably. This week’s show focuses on one thing that can transform those dreams into a financial and emotional nightmare: health insurance.  Not having it, not having enough, or not understanding what’s out there for you. We’re spending the hour looking at the health care system for those buying insurance for the first time under the Affordable Care Act and for those of you wondering how to find out the price of a procedure.  Plus, what are the steps to negotiate a lower bill? And how are companies changing insurance for their workers?  It’s a show about coverage, cost, and care.  

09-06-13 Marketplace Money

We are focusing on the American Dream over the next few weeks. At its core, it symbolizes mobility. Getting a college degree. Securing a good paying job. Buying a home and saving for life after work. This weekend, we look at retirement. How we save. How we live and spend after we retire. And what are your investment options at any age? This week, a guide to your golden years.

08-30-13 Marketplace Money

For the next few weeks, we're focusing on tThe American Dream. This weekend's show is about college. It is often seen as the path to financial mobility and security. Better paying job. A chance to save for retirement. Buying a home. But talking about college means talking about student loans. It means talking about affordability and family conversations about choices. How should we think about costs? What can you do to save for college? And what are your options to manage debt? 

08-23-13 Marketplace Money

For the next four weeks,  we're going to talk about The American Dream.  The phrase means something to millions of people:  getting educated, moving up, retiring well and buying a home.  This weekend’s show places home ownership under a microscope. What you should know before you buy? How you should think about costs? And whether owning a home is the right decision for you. 

08-16-13 Marketplace Money

Let’s face it, there are money conversations that make you squirm -- especially when they occur within your family. Like when your sister asks to borrow money. Or you have to approach your parents about selling their house to pay for retirement. Or when you have to discuss a budget with your partner. This week, a guide to talking about money with your family.