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09/21/2017: How wise would a December interest rate hike be?

(Markets Edition) The Fed didn't raise interest rates at its meeting yesterday, but it looks like it just might in December. But is that the best choice given the series of natural disasters that have been hitting the western hemisphere lately? Diane Swonk from DS Economics shares her thoughts with us. Afterwards, we'll look at whether the Fed will take any enforcement action against Wells Fargo following the bank's fake accounts scandal. Plus: We chat with Edwin Melendez, director of CUNY's Center for Puerto Rican Studies, about the challenges Puerto Rico will face in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

09/21/2017: The SEC has also been hacked

(U.S. Edition) Yet another cyber breach has been disclosed. The Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that hackers got into one of its computer systems last year. We'll look at how they could have used the information they accessed to make illegal stock trades. Afterwards, we'll discuss a possible merger between T-Mobile and its rival Sprint, and then talk about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political comeback. 

09/21/2017: How HTC can benefit from Google deal

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... A deal between HTC and Google might help the U.S. tech giant compete better against its rival Apple in the smartphone market. But we’ll tell you why the agreement is not all downside for the Taiwanese company. Afterwards, we’ll report on why the Dutch economy is growing at its fastest clip in a decade despite a lack of government. Then, we’ll take you to India where Mother Teresa’s charity has trademarked her iconic sari to prevent her reputation from being exploited.

09/20/2017: The saga to repeal Obamacare continues

(Markets Edition) Yep, the effort to repeal Obama-era health care reform is back. We'll talk about a new bill from Republican Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham that'll get rid of the mandate requiring you to buy health insurance. Afterwards, we'll take a brief look at the major stock indexes this morning, and then discuss how women are faring in the global workforce. Plus: A conversation with Americares' vice president of emergency response, Garrett Ingoglia, about how the nonprofit prepares in the event of a natural disaster.

09/20/2017: What Puerto Rico is doing to help evacuees

(U.S. Edition) Though much of Puerto Rico was spared from Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria is now bearing down. We'll take a look at the efforts the territory is making to shelter evacuees. Afterwards, we'll discuss a new report that shows nearly 9 out of every 10 U.S. students have adequate internet bandwidth in their classrooms — a huge increase from four years ago when less than 10 percent did. How'd the digital divide get narrowed so quickly? Plus: We interview Gillian Thomas, a senior staff attorney with the Women's Rights Project at the ACLU, about the push to prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

09/20/2017: A merger between giants amid global pain in the steel industry

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to bolster the nation’s steel industry but we’ll tell you why a merger between two giants suggests that pain in the sector are global. Afterwards, we’ll take a dive into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s assessment of the world economy, which suggests the global growth outlook might be brighter, but it doesn’t necessarily mean sustained growth just yet. Then, we’ll take you to Bavaria and detail the connection between beer and elections as we chat with a small business owner about the local economy ahead of this weekend’s German elections.