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01-12-2015- Marketplace Morning - Prescription for happiness

Airing Monday, January 12, 2015: First up on today's show, as is a Wall Street tradition, the first big quarterly profit report of the season is Alcoa, the aluminum concern that reports results later today. Alcoa used to be one of the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but is no longer. But they've been on a roll lately, as we find out. And a general election is on the way this month in Greece, and a left wing party is promising to renegotiate terms of Greece's debt if it gets in. The present government is now responding in an effort to hold onto power. More on that. Plus, during these short winter days, if only somebody could write out a prescription for happiness. Well, the people who produce Yes! Magazine have just published a collection of essays about rethinking our economic and social relationships.

01-09-15-Morning Report-Rats!

Airing Friday, January 9, 2015: First up on today's show, we'll have a look ahead to the jobs report coming later this morning. Plus, in Education Week’s annual “Quality Counts” report on the state of public education, the country as a whole gets a D-plus on early childhood education. What does it mean for our society and economy to be doing such a bad job of preparing kids for school? And you may be aware that New York is infamous for its tiny, scurrying rats. But what about their giant, inflatable brethren? We look at the business behind Scabby, the union rat.

01-08-2015-Morning Report-Going for hosting gold

Airing on Thursday January 8, 2015: Markets across Europe are up on Thursday morning. More on what's causing the upswing. Plus, the U.S. Olympic Committee will soon decide which American city will move forward with a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. The finalists are Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We'll also look ahead to the jobs report for December, as well as what to expect from 2015. Is this finally a 'normal' job market again?


01-07-2015-Morning Report-Connected cars

Airing on Wednesday January 7, 2015: First up on today's show, new data from the European Union shows consumer prices in the eurozone were down in December, which could mean consumers and companies postpone investments. More on that. Plus, President Obama is in Michigan boasting about saving auto worker jobs. But what is the cost of saving factory jobs by accepting lower wages? And from the floor of the 2015 consumer electronics show, we talk to reporter Nova Safo about the future of connected cars. 

01-06-2015-Morning Report-Suing for education funding

Airing on Tuesday January 6, 2015: Across Europe, investors are worried about falling oil prices. More on that. Plus, banks are issuing new credit cards with security chips, but how much more secure are they? How do they block hackers? And just before the new year, a court in Kansas ruled that public schools are so under-funded as to violate the state's constitution. Lawsuits like the one in Kansas have become a popular tactic to try to win more money for public schools. Thirteen states are facing active litigation, from Texas to Pennsylvania. But even when those lawsuits are successful, they don't always work


01-05-2014-Morning Report-New York loves lux apartments

Airing on Monday January 5, 2015: The euro hasn't been this weak in almost a decade. More on that. Plus, construction spending in New York is nearly pre-recession highs. But the development landscape looks very different now, dominated by a series of ultra high-end apartment buildings. Oh, what a difference a few years makes ... But building might not equal selling.