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01-02-2014-Morning Report-Ads before "I Have a Dream"

Airing on Friday January 2, 2015: The U.S. and European economies go their separate ways. And a look ahead to education stories to watch in 2015. Plus, the children of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. have been criticized for overly protecting his speeches and writings but also commercializing them for profit. One result: you can watch the “I Have a Dream” speech on YouTube, with a Doritos commercial.

Morning Report: Twice burned, thrice shy.

Markets were on the rise this year, but plenty of investors are still stinging from the economic crisis and they're unwilling to jump in. Then: Lithuania is the 19th country to adopt the euro today. We look at outlook there and the pros and cons of joining the common currency. Finally, the Internal Revenue Service’s commissioner predicts that the upcoming tax season will be "miserable." Big funding and staffing cuts, new mandates and the last minute extension of several dozen tax breaks are making things complicated.

12-31-2014-Morning Report-Trims at American Apparel

Airing on Wednesday, December 31, 2014: First up, a Chinese court takes a stand against pollution. And we'll also look ahead to climate policy in 2015. Plus, American Apparel is cutting hours and laying off workers at some of its factories "to conserve funds." We look at what’s behind the move and what the implications are for the company. 

12-30-2014-Morning Report-Healthcare in 2015

Airing on Tuesday December 30, 2014: First up on today's show, stock markets in Europe are down again on Tuesday, influenced by the general election that’s on the way in Greece. More on that. Plus, we'll talk about healthcare trends in 2014 and 2015. We focus on hospitals buying up physician practices.

Morning Report: Walgreens and cyber security

The White House is working with businesses to find ways to prevent more cyber-extortion like the Sony hacks. How easy will it be for them to work together when the two sides are so frequently at odds over national security and government regulation? Plus, shareholders vote Monday on whether Walgreens should purchase the remaining 55 percent of the European drugstore company Alliance Boots that it doesn’t already own. We examine what’s behind the purchase and what will it mean for the American consumer.

12-26-2014- Morning Report- Turn off your self-destructing devices prior to takeoff

Airlines are adding back small amenities, like hot towels, to help travelers forget how uncomfortable they are. But some business frequent flyers are choosing coach anyway, preferring to use their shrinking travel budgets for nicer hotel rooms. Plus: A look at if a new self-destructing phone from Blackberry can help save the company from utter annihilation. Also: Coke fizzes out at the end of 2014 with plans to cut $3 billion from its annual budget, including executive perks and about 2,000 jobs.