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08/10/2017: Get ready to negotiate that raise

Deep into this slow economic recovery, American workers might finally be gaining the leverage to ask for more money (or they'll find work elsewhere.) On today's show, we'll discuss why their prospects are looking good. Afterwards, we'll discuss how military conflict between the U.S. and North Korea would affect the global economy, and then look at Nordstrom's (unsuccessful) attempts at going private.

08/09/2017: The exact day the financial crisis began

Nuclear threats from North Korea have rattled global markets. Amid the escalating rhetoric, we'll talk about how certain stock indices have been reacting, and investors' move toward bonds. Afterwards, we'll step back in time to examine where and when exactly the financial crisis began, and then talk about the problems Detroit's public school system is facing through the eyes of one of the city's teachers.

08/08/2017: These are the best states to win the lottery in

San Francisco's Federal Reserve Bank is looking into whether Wells Fargo failed to refund insurance money it owed to some customers that financed car purchases through the bank. These customers may be entitled through this money through a type of insurance known as Guaranteed Auto Protection. On today's show, we'll explain how exactly GAP works. Afterwards, we'll look at why you want to be living in Texas or California when you win a lottery, and then talk about Eros International's potential plans to sell its catalog of movies and music.

08/07/2017: When a food goes mainstream, does that hurt or help its appeal?

After reports that North Korea successfully tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles, the U.N. has agreed to sanction the country in a move backed by China. On today's show, we'll take a brief look at the history of the North Korea-China relationship. Afterwards, we'll discuss the purpose of "catastrophe bonds," and then — amid the rising popularity of Nashville hot chicken — examine how food trends spread. 

08/04/2017: Who's benefiting from this economic climate?

The government is releasing the July jobs report this morning, and economists expect to see about 180,000 more people on payrolls. We'll take a look a look at how the labor market is giving a boost to demographic groups that may have had trouble finding work in the past. Afterwards, we'll look at Amazon's plans to apply a hassle-free returns policy to all items purchased on the website, and then chat with Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig about the decline of individual stock picking.

08/03/2017: How come we're not getting raises?

Economists say the unemployment rate will drop even further in the July jobs report, but even with that good news, the typical paycheck doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Marketplace contributor Chris Farrell stopped by to talk with us about the economy's issue with compensation. Afterwards, we'll look at how Kraft-Heinz is being affected by the ongoing Amazon–Walmart price war, and then discuss Mattel's plans to spend big bucks on online advertising.