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09-01-15 - Morning Report - Lap of luxury

Airing on Tuesday, September 1, 2015: On today's show, global markets react as China's manufacturing contracts; why medical debt collectors are up in arms over a recent FCC ruling; and the tricks of the trade of luxury real estate brokers.


08-28-15 - Morning Report - Cadillac moves to New York

Airing on Friday, August 28, 2015: The hallmark of Wall Street activity this week has been volatility. And that’s what most investment managers say we can expect more of going forward. Why is that? what does that mean for us ordinary Americans? We explore. Plus, a conversation with the president of Cadillac on the company’s decision to move its global headquarters to New York City and how it plans to keep up with the rate of change in the luxury market landscape.


08-27-15 - Morning Report - The Fed Goes on Retreat

Airing on Thursday, August 27, 2015: What recent market volatility means for the stewards of the Federal Reserve descending on Jackson Hole, Wyoming  this week  for their annual retreat.  China cracks down on warehouse executives at the center of the Tianjin explosion.  Plus, a conversation about urban planning in New Orleans and how the city's innovative approach to parking reduces congestion and creates more opportunities for local businesses. 

08-25-15 - Morning Report - China cuts interest rates yet again

Airing on Tuesday, August 25, 2015:  The latest on China's move to cut interest rates to quell the market plunge. As stocks tumble, there is one number that’s going up — the price of your home.  Plus, with Best Buy's earnings report, we look at its turnaround campaign, which includes moving to private-label electronics.