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06-12-15 - Morning Report - The blue bird's blues

Airing on Friday, June 12, 2015: With Twitter's CEO out, we'll take a look at the state of the blue bird, and where the company may have gone wrong. And we talk about whether the European financial system is prepared for the possibility of a Greece default. Next: the University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment report is out Friday It’s expected to be up modestly. Small business confidence is up as well according to earlier survey data from NFIB. A look at what the report says and why U.S. consumers seem so upbeat. Plus, in June, Brits celebrate the 800th anniversary of King John signing Magna Carta with mead, jousting, archery and banquets. The festivities are clearly designed as a tourist attraction, and lots of American visitors  are expected. We cover the preparations and the American contribution.


06-11-15 - Morning Report - Drug pricing tiers

Airing on Thursday, June 11, 2015: On today's show, we'll talk about how the outbreak of MERS influenced macroeconomic policy in South Korea. More on that. Plus, the ACA made it illegal to deny someone health insurance based on a preexisting condition. But a recent New England Journal of Medicine reports that insurers are using drug pricing tiers to discriminate against patients with some preexisting conditions.

06-10-15 - Morning Report - The benefits of streaming music

Airing on Wednesday, June 9, 2015: Senior law enforcement officials from New York and Connecticut are looking into whether Apple's new music streaming service might have been built on deals that quash competition. More on that. And speaking of Apple streaming music, the service means yet another player in an arena crowded with companies looking for audiences’ attention and artists’ music. Audiences get lots of choices. What do musicians get? We look at the self-promotional benefits and financial drawbacks of streaming music. Plus, lots of low-wage employees work long hours without extra pay because they’ve been classified as managers, and federal rules exempt managers from overtime if they’re paid more than $23,660 a year — a number that was set in 1975. The Labor Department is considering a rule that would raise the exempt level to as much as $52,000, restoring overtime to millions of workers. 

06-09-2015 - Morning Report - Encouraging options outside of college

Airing on Tuesday, June 9, 2015: The U.S. Department of Education has announced that it will forgive the debt of thousands of Corinthian College students—the institution that closed or sold its campuses after the government found evidence of predatory recruiting and falsified placement rates. Plus, amid a huge national push to get more low-income high school graduates to go to college, there’s a growing recognition that, for many students, short-term certifications or trade school may be a better fit. We check in with Oyler School in Cincinnati, where the annual “college day” has adapted to promote other paths to success. And Taobao, a subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is sponsoring same-sex couples who will come to the U.S. to wed. We analyze the business strategy at work—what is risked and what is gained by serving a market that is large but marginalized in China.



06-08-15 - Morning Report - Car Dealerships

Airing on Monday, June 8, 2015: A group of seven leaders are gathered to discuss Russia and Ukraine; tensions over Greece's financial situation; and as Marketplace's Tracey Samuelson tells us, trade. And car dealers are fighting Tesla’s efforts to open direct-sale stores, and it's not just because of Tesla. A weakening of state franchise laws could open the door to consolidation of the nation’s fragmented dealerships. More on that. Plus, with issues of racial bias in policing galvanizing protesters and motivating Justice Department investigations, we ask whether having more police officers of color would actually improve policing in minority communities and make people of color safer from racially-unbalanced use of force. 


06-05-2015 - Morning Report - Teen summer employment

Airing on Friday, June 5, 2015: OPEC is meeting today to indirectly talk about our household budgets. More on that. Plus, the prospects for young people trying to find jobs this summer have improved. We look at some of the economic factors behind this development. And Apple is expected to announce its much-anticipated streaming music service during its developers' conference in San Francisco next week. We take a look at why Apple, a tech gadget maker, wants to get into the far less profitable streaming music business.