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05/02/2017: The power of a quarter trillion dollars

Turns out Apple may have more than a quarter of a trillion dollars in cash. With a stockpile that you can practically see from space, what does one do? We'll discuss the exact powers that amount of money gives the electronics giant. Afterwards, we'll look at why property insurers had the worst set of quarterly profits in more than 20 years, and then examine the National Urban League's annual report on equality in America.

05/01/2017: Could robots create a recession?

After the looming possibility of a government shutdown, Congress has a new $1 trillion spending bill. We'll examine who gets what, and how closely it aligns with President Trump's priorities. Afterwards, we'll look at a suggestion from the British Parliament that says U.S.-based social media companies should pay up when police investigate hateful content, threats or images of child abuse online. And finally, we'll talk about a recent report that calculates automation will create about 15 million jobs in the next 10 years, while eliminating about 25 million in the process.

04/28/2017: A last-ditch effort to avoid a government shutdown

As Congress gets ready to vote on a stopgap funding bill that would prevent a government shutdown, we'll get you up to speed on where things stand. Afterwards, we'll talk about the country's economic growth as President Trump approaches his 100-day milestone, and then look at how many immigrants are starting to stay home due to increased fears of deportation.

04/27/2017: United CEO tells us he 'messed up'

United Airlines is rolling out a series of 10 changes to "improve customer experience" — a move that follows the forcible removal of a passenger on one of its flights. Among those changes: an offer of up to $10,000 to passengers if they give up their seat. CEO Oscar Munoz stopped by to discuss these new policies, regrets over his initial response to the dragging incident, and why the airline is still overbooking flights. Plus: a status update on reports that President Trump would withdraw the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

04/26/2017: Are you gonna report things differently on next year's Tax Day?

President Trump has been talking about tax reform for a little while now. Well, today's the day we're getting a roll out of his plan. We'll dive into the proposals we might see from the White House, which could include a call for lower corporate tax rates and a re-adjustment of the country's income tax brackets. Afterwards, we'll look at how previous presidents have attempted to reform the American tax system, and then explore a radical proposal in Wisconsin that may increase the state's monthly health care premiums. 

04/25/2017: The barriers that exist for African-Americans on the road to the middle class

The U.S. Commerce Department has announced a new set of tariffs to raise the cost of wood produced by several Canadian lumber companies. Turns out lumber pricing has been a source of tension for decades. We'll take a look at how much these tariffs will increase by and what this could mean for the future of NAFTA. Afterwards, we'll discuss why not all of President Trump's policies are sitting well with farmers. And finally, we'll chat with former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert about his new documentary "Against All Odds," which examines how discriminatory policies in the U.S. have made it much harder for African-American men and women to enter the middle class.