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03/28/17: The changing landscape of a lucrative export: international students

A drop in international students — who collectively add 31 billion to the U.S. economy — is met by colleges making efforts to assuage students threatened by Trump's travel ban. Before that, we take a look at how Americans spend their SNAP benefits and follow the increasing amounts of money U.S. airlines are investing in Chinese air travel.

03/27/2017: Iran's reciprocal sanctions target companies with ties to Israel

Iran responds to U.S. sanctions with their own, aimed at U.S. companies that do business with Israel. Marketplace's Marielle Segarra discusses which companies are involved and what it means for them. Then we turn to Nigeria, where pollution from an oil spill is still astonishingly high almost a decade after two Shell pipelines burst. Plus, how mobile solar-powered vehicle chargers are changing the landscape of the electric car industry.

03/24/2017: A possible end to Obama-era privacy rules

The Senate has voted to put a stop to rules from the Obama administration that would prevent internet providers like Comcast and Verizon from selling your browsing data. We'll look at how these regulations were supposed to protect your privacy. Next, we'll talk about Wells Fargo's decision to allow customers to withdraw money from ATMs using their phones, and then explore the federal government's difficult recruiting young tech workers.

03/23/17: Why hospitals are against the GOP's Obamacare replacement

The House is expected to vote tonight on the GOP's health care bill. But opposition is coming from all corners — including hospitals. We'll look at why executives are against the measure. Next, we'll explore the complicated H-1B visa program, and the frustrations business owners have with how it selects recipients.

03/22/17: Why wastewater is actually a commodity

Stock index futures are down again this morning. What could be giving investors pause? Economist Jeffrey Cleveland from Payden and Rygel stopped by to explain the economic data that shows how optimistic Americans are really feeling. Next, we'll explore the tough market for reused water, and then report on the difficulties foreign men and women have in trying to obtain H-1B visas. 

03/21/17: Why being monitored on the job can be a good thing

African citizens who were trying to attend an economic development conference in California were recently denied U.S. visas. We'll look at the possible reason behind the denial and its consequences. Next, we'll explore a new study that says the percentage of people dying at a hospital drops when inspectors show up, and then discuss the rise of virtual reality exhibits at museums.