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08/29/2017: How compassion can pay off

North Korea filed a missile over Japan today, rattling markets in Asia, Europe and the U.S. The U.S. dollar is often seen as a safe haven during international incidents, but it's the euro that's actually up this morning. We'll talk to the BBC's Andrew Walker about the rising strength of this currency. Afterwards, we'll look at how the federal government got involved in the business of flood insurance, and then discuss the economic benefits of compassion. 

08/28/2017: St. Louis is shrinking its minimum wage

Hurricane Harvey has caused many refineries and port facilities in Texas to temporarily shut down. We'll chat with Energy Intelligence analyst Barbara Shook about the preparations they made prior to the event, and what's going to happen to the prices of crude oil and gasoline. Afterwards, we'll discuss news that Uber has chosen the head of Expedia, Dara Khosrowshahi, to be its new CEO, and then look at why St. Louis, Missouri is decreasing the city's minimum wage from $10 an hour to $7.70.

08/25/2017: Whole Foods may no longer be known as 'Whole Paycheck'

Shopping at Whole Foods is about to get cheaper, thanks to its merger with Amazon. We'll take a look at the kinds of items that'll see price cuts and what this shift means for the supermarket industry as a whole. Afterwards, we'll discuss news that the head of Samsung is heading to prison for five years, and then talk about the much-anticipated Mayweather vs. McGregor match, which could be the most lucrative boxing fight in history.

08/24/2017: Renewable energy isn't what's holding back coal

A new report shows that the main cause of plant closures isn't wind or solar energy — it's natural gas. On today's show, we'll look at why this energy source is such a threat and where policy goes from here. Afterwards, we'll discuss NFL's deal with Chinese internet giant Tencent to stream its games in China, and then talk about how Britain's "Corn Laws" from the 19th century are playing a role in Brexit negotiations. 

08/23/2017: What an immigration raid did to one small Iowa town

WPP — the biggest advertising agency in the world — has revised its sales downward, with its CEO indicating that U.S. policy could be a reason for some of the uncertainty that it's facing. We'll find out how all the drama in Washington, D.C. could have such a ripple effect on global businesses. Afterwards, we'll discuss a new study that shows ExxonMobil may have misled investors about how much it knew about climate change. Then, we'll look at how a 2008 immigration raid in Postville, Iowa has affected the town. 

08/22/2017: We may now never understand the risks and benefits of controversial mountain top mining

The Trump administration has halted a $1 million federal study of health hazards for people who live near mountain-top coal mines. On today's show, we'll look at what this means for people who live near these mining sites and why the administration decided to put a stop to it. Afterwards, we'll talk about McDonald's decision to shut down a third of its restaurants in India, and then discuss the success of the socially responsible investing (SRI) industry.