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07/14/2017: Preparing for a solar eclipse

During a two-day trip to France, President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed topics like trade and the Paris climate agreement. Despite the different approaches the two have toward these subjects, the countries face similar problems. We'll take a look at what some of those are, along with the benefits this visit had for Trump. Afterwards, we'll look at what's included in the House's expansion plans for the GI Bill, and then talk with one Oregon hotel owner about how tourist plans for next month's solar eclipse are affecting business. 

07/13/2017: The latest GOP effort to repeal Obamacare

The Senate is expected to unveil a revised health care bill later today. On today's show, we'll take a look at what'll stay the same, and a new proposal that would allow insurers to sell plans that don't comply with Obamacare standards. Afterwards, we'll look at one trading exchange's plan to launch an open-outcry trading pit — a move that some trading firms are opposing.

07/12/2017: Thousands of internet companies unite

As part of her bi-annual visit to the Hill, Fed Chair Janet Yellen is set to testify in front of the House Financial Services Committee. On today's show, we'll take a look at what topics she's likely to address, which may include interest rates and the Fed's plans for any bond sales. Afterwards, we'll discuss how thousands of internet companies are banding together today to protest the possible roll back of net neutrality rules. Then, we'll talk about why airline companies are enjoying higher profit margins from passengers, and how politics might be shaping the economy.

07/11/2017: How 'Too Big to Fail' became a thing

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has adopted a new rule that will allow consumers to sue financial institutions in class-action lawsuits. On today's show, we'll look at the route you've typically had to take in the event that you had a financial dispute, and what industries this new rule will apply to. Afterwards, ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger joins us to discuss why it's difficult to indict corporations. 

07/10/2017: Congress gets back to work on health care

The Senate returns from its Fourth of July recess, with health care top of mind. On today's show, we'll look at where reform on the issue stands and why there's dissent among Republicans on what changes should be made. Next, we'll discuss a new government rule that will allow companies to file IPO paperwork confidentially, regardless of size. And finally, we'll talk about the Census Bureau's decision to reconsider asking about sexual orientation and gender identity on upcoming surveys, a move that has advocates for the LGBTQ community concerned.

07/07/2017: The hotel for millennials

With the world's economic leaders meeting this week, we'll talk about the future of global trade. The U.S. may impose harsher trade restrictions, which could lead European countries to retaliate. Afterwards, we'll look at some in-demand jobs in this near full-employment economy, and then discuss Hilton's decision to launch a new low-cost hotel brand called Tru.