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01-27-2015- Marketplace Morning - Target aims at healthcare

Airing on Tuesday, January 27, 2015: If you're a global company based in the U.S., a strong dollar doesn't necessarily benefit your business. More on that. Plus, the Irish airline Aer Lingus has approved the takeover bid by the parent company of British Airways. More on what happens next. And more and more healthcare is happening outside of hospitals. Often, that means patients are getting basic care at big retail stores. In Southern California, Kaiser Permanente recently opened four clinics inside Target locations. But when providers go out to meet patients where they are, can security get lost along the way?

01-26-2015- Marketplace Morning - Attending to the arts

Airing on Monday, January 26, 2015: A leftist coalition is taking power in Greece, now that the results are in from this weekends general election. The new government promises to ease what has become years of grinding austerity and to cut payments on Greece's debt. More on that. Plus, you may be the exception, but odds are this weekend you did not go to opera, dance, live theater or the museum. The National Endowment for the Arts says attendance continues to fall. And those who show up are getting older. Through a series of reports, the NEA wants to give arts organizations new insights into the what patrons, dare we call them consumers, want.

01-23-2015- Marketplace Morning - President Obama heads to India

Airing on Friday, January 23, 2015: First up on today's show, an update from Greece on an election that could alter the world economy. Plus, the President is set to make a visit to India. On his last trip abroad, President Barack Obama announced a pollution deal with China. We look at how India’s environmental pollution stacks up, and what the U.S. might do to curb greenhouse gas emissions there. And also, a paradox: Pharmaceutical companies often don't develop drugs and vaccines for infectious diseases like malaria and tuberculosis because there's just not much money in it. That's because most people with those conditions are poor and live in countries with health systems with little means to pay. What about other incentives to combat global health epidemics?

01-22-2015- Marketplace Morning - The Dollar dilemma

Airing on Thursday, January 22, 2015: The financial event of the day: the European Central Bank could trigger a stimulus program. But how and how much? Plus, after the White House this week circulated some big changes to the tax code the President is now seeking, we talked to an expert on a trust fund part of it. A number of listeners wrote us saying words to the effect of "hello...what about inheritance tax?" Good point. How might controversial inheritance tax play out if the President's trust fund plans were to somehow gather steam? And in the land of the dollar store, today is a big day. Family Dollar shareholders are expected to vote on a $8.5 billion merger with Dollar Tree. And they might accept it.

01-21-2015- Marketplace Morning - Halftime show vs. halftime show

Airing on Wednesday, January 21, 2015: President Barack Obama hits the road this morning to continue pushing for the priorities he outlined during last night's State of the Union address. As we find out, when it comes for paying for what the President is proposing, the devil is in the details. Plus, some of the policy outlines of what the Obama Administration hopes to accomplish trickled out in White House memos ahead of the speech. One such policy would put most American workers--even many part-timers--into retirement plans by default. More on that. And last year, a record 112 million people tuned in to the Superbowl, with the next one in about a week and a half. This year's half-time show  is Lenny Kravitz with Katy Perry ... which many will not see because they might click over to YouTube at the half.

01-20-2015- Marketplace Morning - A difference in gas prices

Airing on Tuesday, January 20, 2015: First up, more on those tax hikes at the top and tax help at the bottom that the President is set to unveil tonight. And China today said its economy is grew by just 7.4 percent for 2014, down from 7.7 percent the year earlier. Growth has been this low there since 1990. While it's true that China's been suffering from rising debt levels and a grim housing market, the news isn't necessarily viewed as grim. Plus, you hear about the average national gasoline price, but it’s often different from the station down the block. Gas prices differ from region to region for many reasons, from transportation costs to refinery capacities to local requirements for blends.