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03-12-2015- Morning Report- Survey Says Americans Are Frugal

Airing on Thursday, March 12, 2015: The Federal Reserve just released the results of its second round of stress tests, and two European banks have failed. We chat with the BBC's Andrew Walker about what went wrong. Next up: issues its survey on how Americans intend to use their tax refunds. Are Americans really as frugal and responsible as they claim to be? Finally, we get the latest dispatch the LearningCurve team at the SXSWedu conference in Austin.

03-11-2015- Morning Report- Stress Test, Part Two

First up: bankers scanning the results of the first round of the Federal Reserve's stress breathed a small sigh of relief last week. Thirty-one of the biggest U.S. banks were under the microscope, and all 31 passed. But it’s not over yet. Today the Fed announces part two of the annual stress test designed to see whether banks have enough capital to withstand another financial meltdown. Why is this such an important issue for banks and to what extent is it changing how the banking industry works? Then: The UK isn't hitting NATO's targets for defense spending, and now the government is reportedly looking into some "creative accounting" to meet targets. We look into it. Finally: We chat with Keith Ferrazzi over at Ferrazzi Greenlight about business relationships.


03-10-2015- Morning Report- A tale of two housing market recoveries

Airing on Tuesday, March 10, 2015: The rarified world of international banking is getting some new talent with news the longtime CEO of Credit Suisse is out. Although the management change was sudden it hardly comes out of nowhere, given the Swiss bank's struggles in recent years with new regulations that followed the 2008 financial collapse. More on that. Plus, when the housing market exploded, the fall out rained particularly hard on a handful of U.S. cities: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta. Yet in the last year, home prices across the country continued to edge up, leading to some optimism that even hard-hit cities were recovering. But if you visit the suburbs of Atlanta, you might find a tale of two recoveries.


03-09-2015- Morning Report- Where education meets innovation

Airing on Monday, March 9, 2015: Today, the biggest credit reporting companies will announce changes on how they collect, check and report on the bill paying habits of 200 million Americans. Changes are focused on how they handle errors on the all-important reports and how those reports track unpaid medical bills. We have more on this emerging story. Plus, privacy advocates are concerned about a cyber security bill drafted by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The committee wants to make it easier for companies to share information on potential cyber attacks with the government. Critics counter that ‘sharing’ will make it easier for the government to spy on its own citizens. We explore. Plus, as Marketplace heads South to Austin, TX for SXSW, reporter Adriene Hill joins us to talk about SXSWedu, a festival and conference where education meets innovation.

03-06-2015- Morning Report- McDonalds' Antibiotic Free Chicken

Airing on Friday, March 6, 2015: In just a couple hours, the Labor Department will release new numbers on unemployment, including the unemployment rate, and how many jobs the U.S. economy added last month. There is a tendency to focus on the headline numbers. But a new report from the Economic Policy Institute reminds us it's important to dig deeper. And in the United Kingdom, law enforcement has been focusing on cyber crime. It's National Crime Agency arrested dozens of suspected hackers this week. Plus, now that McDonalds is promising us antibiotic free chicken, who else will join this movement and how is this potential trend going to affect the supply chain from farm to table and ultimately the price for the consumer.   


03-05-2015- Morning Report- Stress testing

Airing on Thursday, March 5, 2015: Later today, the Federal Reserve will release the first round of results of the latest round of "stress tests" the Fed's performed on 31 of the world's biggest banks. They're part of the Dodd-Frank Act congress passed after the financial crisis. More on how those tests work. And at the beginning of the financial crisis, the Bank of England held a series of auctions designed to encourage lending. Well now, there are allegations those auctions were rigged. And this morning, we've learned there is a fraud investigation into how the UK's central bank and traders may have behaved. Plus, with U.S. fourth quarter productivity numbers out today, an explainer on the relationship between an improving labor market and productivity.