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05-12-15 - Morning Report - A hairdresser's pro tool

Airing on Tuesday, May 12, 2015: Later today, the republican senator who heads the Senate Banking committee, Richard Shelby of Alabama, is expected to release a so-called "regulatory relief" bill that is being called the most ambitious attempt to revamp financial regulations since the Dodd-Frank law. So what might this new bill do? And the New York Fed’s survey of household debt and credit is out Tuesday. Even as debt has crept back up, consumers have not been turning to home equity lines of credit —a borrowing tool that played a role in the run-up to the housing crisis. Plus, today we're launch a series called Pro Tool: Tools of the Professional. We're looking for that must-have device in the possession of anyone in the workforce; be they a welder or a bike messenger or a comedian. The first item in our series? A pair of scissors. 



05-11-2015 - Morning Report - Preventing trucking accidents

Airing on Monday, May 11, 2015: More on Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And speaking of Russia, that country and China are putting $2 billion into an agriculture investment fund, but given the scale of agriculture in both economies, it looks more diplomatic farming is the purpose more than food farming. Plus, you may get annoyed when you are stuck behind one of them on the highway, but commercial trucks are are the backbone of this country's economy. 70 percent of all domestic goods are delivered by truck. The number of trucks on the road is going up every year, but so is the number of trucking-caused accidents.

05-08-2015 Marketplace Morning Report - A look ahead on jobs report

Airing Friday, May 8, 2015: We'll receive the latest jobs report later today. We check in with our reporter Mitchell Hartman on what to expect in today's number. Across the Atlantic, the seemingly endless Greek debt crisis continues. The eurozone finance minister will decide whether to release $8 billion in bailout money.Flint, Michigan started to draw its water from the Flint River, which residents say has made their tap water undrinkable. 

05-07-2015 - Morning Report - Biotech Merger

Airing on Thursday, May 6, 2015: First up, we check the pressure in the global stock market. Alexion—a biotech company with a single drug company— is buying Synageva, a biotech company with a single drug on the market. Yet, they’re two of many biotech companies that are betting on a business in which they develop a drug for a rare disease and charge a ton for it. Next,  voters go to the polls in a general election in Britain today. Inequality has been a key theme of the campaign. It has been getting some traction from one policy in particular: a plan to close a tax loophole. 



05-05-2015 Marketplace Morning Report - The latest on the British election

Airing on Wednesday, May 6, 2015: The price of oil continues to rise, but just for how long? We check the latest in the global energy markets. We look at how the for-profit prison industry is faring as the number of inmates in the U.S. starts to fall amid calls for reforming sentencing rules. Next, British voters will take part in the tightest national election for decades. We explore how Scotland could hold the balance of power in tomorrow's election. 

05-05-2015 - Morning Report - Flavoring America

Airing on Tuesday, May 5, 2015: We'll know as the week wears on just how America's job creation engine is doing as it entered the spring. This after data showed virtually no economic growth in the first quarter. We check in on the latest on labor market. Next: a new article in Health Affairs points out that while the Affordable Care Act “dramatically expands health insurance for addiction treatment,” most programs lack the infrastructure to improve access and treatment to meet the vision laid out in Obamacare. A key finding is that most states are doing little to help strengthen these programs. There was a time in America when the beer tended to be insipid. That's changed with the craft beer movement and the arms race over hops. But what about a lot of the rest of our food? We talk with Mark Schatzker, a food writer who has a new book with a publication date of this week called "the Dorito Effect." One of his key points, a link between taste and nutrition.