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02/15/17: The role of 'doctor' is changing

We're looking at what a border-adjustment tax could mean for retailers; the United States' push for NATO members to spend more on defense; and the new responsibilities that come with being a physician. 

02/14/17: The aftermath of Ferguson

India now rivals China for worst airborne pollution. BBC Reporter Rahul Tandon joins us to discuss if politicians are doing anything to address the issue. Next, we'll look at Ferguson's changing economy following the death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African-American who was shot dead by a white police officer. 

02/13/17: What'll happen to regulations in the financial industry?

With the Senate scheduled to vote on Trump's nominee for Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, we'll take a look at what the president's pick could mean for the American economy. Next, Marketplace contributor Chris Farrell shares a way to compromise on the post-financial crisis reform law, Dodd-Frank. Finally, we'll discuss the results of an OPEC reduction in oil production. 

02/10/17: Trump's effect on the markets, unions and SNL ratings

Markets are now back up because of a statement from Trump reaffirming a campaign promise: tax reform. We'll look at why something like this matters so much to the markets. Next, we'll discuss the president's relationship with public employee unions, and then talk about the boost in SNL's ratings post-election.

02/09/17: An international airline feud

Another big Trump meeting: the president is set to meet with the CEOs of major U.S. airlines this morning. He's likely to get an earful about the feud between American airlines and those based in the Gulf. Whose side will Trump take? Next, we'll look at plans for another pipeline protest — this time in Pennsylvania — and then talk about a deal between the European Union and Libya over the flow of migrants.

02/08/17: A strike at the world's largest copper mine

Workers at the Escondida mine in Chile are set to strike on Thursday, causing copper prices to jump. We'll explore the conditions that led to their decision. Next, we'll talk about Jose Cuervo's plans to go public amid uncertain U.S.-Mexico relations. Finally, we'll look at the impacts of Trump's new border policies on international students.