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12-05-13 Mid-day Update - Fast food workers on strike for better wages

Fast food workers across America are striking today, asking for $15 an hour. More dry counties have been phasing out Prohibition-era laws, in part to attract more businesses. And, the GDP doesn’t count volunteer work at all, and that includes unpaid care-giving for a sick loved one. But with such high costs for elderly home care, there’s often no alternative

The Volcker Rule: What's that again?

Regulators have announced that, after years of wrangling, they are finally set to finalize the details of the so-called Volcker Rule. If you’re between the ages of 62 and 70, you’re eligible for Social Security. But when should you take it? And, for one day, Emerson College's communication school will be renamed the Ron Burgundy School of Communication.

11-29-13 Mid-day Update - is supposed to work by tomorrow

The White House's self-imposed deadline for to be "working smoothly" for the "vast majority of users" is Saturday. Australia has rejected a $2.6 billion bid by Archer Daniels Midland -- to buy one of Australia’s largest grain companies. And, Globalist Quiz time.