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11-15-13 Mid-day Update - China to ease one-child policy

Janet Yellen testified before the Senate Banking Committee yesterday. China said today it's easing its one-child policy, but economics could still stand in the way of more children. And, the new PlayStation comes out tomorrow, and the battle for the living room ramps up another notch.

11-14-13 Mid-day Update - Yellen on the hot seat

Janet Yellen was the advocate for more transparency by the Fed. What will she do as chair? A JPMorgan Twitter Q&A quickly turned into a public relations disaster. And, there are still people who make a living selling typewriters to law offices.

11-13-13 Mid-day Update - How to give to the Philippines in a way that matters

The Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case that could weaken union-organizing efforts. Sports Authority stores in Chicago are getting hit by "flash robs," gangs of shoplifters who are triggered all at once. And, people around the world want to help the Philippines. But what’s the best way to donate after disaster strikes?

PODCAST: Devastation in the Philippines

The Philippines is reeling and thousands are presumed dead after a massive typhoon hit over the weekend. And, after last month’s government shutdown, the business community is making its dissatisfaction with how business gets done in Washington clear through a new pattern of political giving