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10-29-13 Mid-day Update - The high price of cocoa

Outsourcing giant Infosys faces a record immigration fine over worker visas. Southern Airways Express flies small planes out of small airports, a no-hassle alternative to driving a few hundred miles. And, cocoa prices are near record highs, as farmers who have switched to more lucrative crops have driven down supply.

10-24-13 Mid-day Update - Amazon dominates without profits

Amazon is looking to grow and dominate, and is willing to sink billions into risky ventures like its streaming video service. New rules will require brokers to disclose signing bonuses. And, the price of natural gas so cheap, manufacturing is coming back to America.

10-22-13 Mid-Day Update - New jobs report shows 148,000 jobs added

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the economy added 148,000 jobs last month. The unemployment rate fell to 7.2 percent. And, new exposé in The Huffington Post describes startling allegations of abuse and neglect at for-profit juvenile prisons.