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02-09-2015- Marketplace Morning - The trouble with a connected car

Airing Monday, February 9, 2015: A senate report set to be released today says that cars connected to the internet could be a security risk. More on that. Plus, there's news the average price of gasoline is up 13 cents in the last two weeks. Some are saying the crash for gas prices is coming to an end. We look at the International Energy Agency's look-ahead for the next five years, set to be released tomorrow. And there was a time not so long ago that American bankers avoided mentioning their occupation. In the U.S., some of that stigma has evaporated. But in the UK, there's a plan to prosecute senior bankers if things go wrong.



02-06-2015- Marketplace Morning - Kraft heads down-stream

Airing on Friday, February 6, 2015: First up on today's show, a new study says the percentage of people willing to pay for apps on their smartphones and tablets is about one-third, and falling. We look at the rise of other business models that allow app makers to stay in business. Plus, sales of packaged products for brands like Kraft and Campbell's are flat in traditional grocery stores, but are selling well in dollar stores, especially in smaller sizes – leading these companies to focus more closely on expanding their line of products in these stores and to lower-income shoppers. We'll also speak with Univision’s Leon Krauze talk about English speakers in Mexico.

02-05-2015- Marketplace Morning - The graduation gap

Airing on Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015: First up, more on the hacking of personal information at Anthem, the second larger health insurance company in America. Plus, new research from the University of Pennsylvania says there’s a growing education gap between the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy are far more likely to complete college. We unpack the causes and implications. We'll also talk about one of the toughest cost-benefit calculations of our daily lives: balancing the "I feel gross-do I have a fever?" realization with the "But I really have to get into work today" impulse. 

02-04-2015- Marketplace Morning - Permission to drink water

Airing on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015: We'll lead with how today's strong dollar pulls value out of Michigan and sends it to Tokyo or Stuttgart. Plus, Coca-Cola is launching a premium fortified de-sugared lactose-free milk. Can Coke do for milk what it’s done for OJ and water? And when a city mismanages its water supply, getting neighbors to help out is no slam dunk. Waukesha, Wisconsin, is learning that as it seeks to tap Lake Michigan for its drinking water. Because of the Great Lakes Compact, eight governors have to sign off, even Andrew Cuomo way over there in New York, nearly 1,000 miles away. This story from our series looking at the true cost of water called "Water: The High Price of Cheap."

02-03-2015- Marketplace Morning - Raising financially smart kids

Airing on Tuesday, February 3, 2015: First up on today's show, Greece's firebreathing new finance minister goes to meet his critics. Plus, we'll talk to Ron Lieber, the personal finance columnist for The New York Times, about his new book that aims to teach parents how to raise financially responsible kids.

02-02-2015- Marketplace Morning - Virtual Boss

Airing on Monday, Feb. 2, 2015: President Barack Obama will reveal details of a budget plan that he will ask Congress to chew on. New info is emerging this morning on a piece of this that will be especially controversial: the President is proposing a tax on the foreign earnings U.S. companies stash abroad. More on that. And last night at the Super Bowl, two things happened nearly simultaneously: Butler picked off the pass at the one yard line to secure the Patriots win, and pre-printed Patriots Win commemorative gear went on sale. It's a huge industry and a lot of it is fake. Now, federal investigators have been trying to crack down. Plus, do you toil in distributed work environment? How do you "manage" the boss when they're across town or across the country or world? We look at how to work with a "Virtual Boss."