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PODCAST: Devastation in the Philippines

The Philippines is reeling and thousands are presumed dead after a massive typhoon hit over the weekend. And, after last month’s government shutdown, the business community is making its dissatisfaction with how business gets done in Washington clear through a new pattern of political giving

11-08-13 Mid-day Update - October jobs numbers

The government just reported the labor market in October was much stronger than expected, but how reliable is the data for a month when the government was shut down for half of it? And, imagine finding a job after being unemployed for months, only to have to look for a second to pay off your newly acquired debts.

11-07-13 Mid-day Update - Twitter goes public

If you want to get in on Twitter's IPO today, you probably can't. Can Groupon turn things around? And, an advocacy group says the country need to address racial inequality if we really want the economy to grow.

11-05-13 Mid-day Update - to pay $2.2 billion settlement

In one of the biggest cases of health care fraud ever, J&J is being fined for improperly marketing a drug for treating schizophrenia. When a country doesn't like what the world thinks of it, it turns to the same branding consultants as big companies. And, why Activision is spending millions to market the new "Call of Duty" game.