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03/22/17: Why wastewater is actually a commodity

Stock index futures are down again this morning. What could be giving investors pause? Economist Jeffrey Cleveland from Payden and Rygel stopped by to explain the economic data that shows how optimistic Americans are really feeling. Next, we'll explore the tough market for reused water, and then report on the difficulties foreign men and women have in trying to obtain H-1B visas. 

03/21/17: Why being monitored on the job can be a good thing

African citizens who were trying to attend an economic development conference in California were recently denied U.S. visas. We'll look at the possible reason behind the denial and its consequences. Next, we'll explore a new study that says the percentage of people dying at a hospital drops when inspectors show up, and then discuss the rise of virtual reality exhibits at museums. 

03/20/17: A move away from globalization

The world's top finance leaders met in Germany this weekend for the latest G20 summit, with signs indicating that the U.S. is backing away from globalization. Stephan Richter, editor in chief of the Globalist, joins us to discuss what went down at the meeting. Next, we'll talk about why early advocates of AZT, the first treatment for HIV/AIDs, began lamenting its rapid approval. And finally, we'll look at Goldman Sachs' new online platform, Marcus, for providing small loans.

03/17/17: What may be the most interesting Trump meeting yet

Later today, President Donald Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel — two leaders who have sharp differences on important issues involve business. We'll look at the messages Merkel will try to send during her visit, and how business/political leaders in Germany perceive Trump. Afterwards, we'll explore new report from the International Energy Agency that says global CO2 emissions have stayed flat for the third year in a row. And finally, we'll look at the connection between a movie's presale numbers and its box office success. 

03/16/17: Which agencies will lose out the most under Trump's budget plan?

With the release of the White House's budget proposal, we'll look at who gets the big money and who may end up facing big cuts. Next, we'll look at Janet Yellen's rationale for the Fed's interest rate hike, and then explore the rising number of people who are falling behind on subprime car loans.

03/15/17: What do Trump's 2005 tax returns reveal?

Pages from Trump's 2005 tax returns are out, revealing he made $153 million and paid $36.5 million in income taxes. We'll look at what else the documents revealed, like the tax loopholes he may have taken advantage of. In other Trump news, we'll also discuss his plans to roll back fuel economy standards for cars, which could be the latest blow for the green vehicle market. And finally, we'll look at what Britain's exit from the European Union will mean for the business community and the U.K.-U.S. relationship.