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10-11-13 Mid-Day Update - Economy flying blind

Trying to figure out economic data without official government statistics. Employers can give employees bigger discounts on health care if they participate in wellness programs. But what if instead of gym memberships, those programs handed out devices that tracked your every step? And, Ben Bernanke completes his term in January. Help us send him off!

10-10-13 Mid-Day Update - A debt ceiling deal in the works?

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was on Capitol Hill this morning trying to convince lawmakers to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. And, local shops and national chains will lean on experienced hands to give them an edge.

10-09-13 Mid-Day Update - Janet Yellen nominated as Fed chair

A look at the life and career of President Obama's nominee for chair of the Fed. What would the Fed be like under Chair Janet Yellen, and how is Wall Street reacting to the White House's announcement? And, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway made a killing off investments in distressed companies during the recession.

10-08-13 Mid-Day Update - Crowdfunding the police

How is Wall Street reacting to the debt ceiling debacle? Using a Kickstarter-like web platform to fill the gaps left by the police force in Oakland. And, 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai ‘s book comes out tomorrow.