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09/12/2017: French president faces first major protest

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... French President Emmanuel Macron faces the first major protest of his presidency as unhappy workers express their displeasure with his proposed labor reforms. We’ll tell you what’s happening on the streets of Paris. Afterwards, we’ll explain what’s behind the UN’s new sanctions against North Korea. Then, we’ll take you to the Frankfurt Auto Show where "electrification" is the buzzword of the day.

09/11/2017: Hurricane waters could be spreading the West Nile virus

(Markets Edition) As Irma drops from hurricane to tropical storm, we'll explore Florida's insurance system. Shahid Hamid, a professor at Florida International University, joins us to discuss whether insurance companies are equipped with the resources to handle the aftermath of this disaster. Next, we'll look at how hurricane waters could increase the number of West Nile cases, and then discuss the upcoming vote to re-authorize funding for the Federal Aviation Administration.

09/11/2017: Combating the opioid epidemic

(U.S Edition) In the aftermath of the Equifax security breach revelation, experts have suggested freezing your credit or setting up fraud alerts to protect your information. We'll take a look at what exactly these precautions entail. Afterwards, we'll discuss new measures from China that would make it tougher for speculators to bet against the drop in the yuan. Then, we'll step into the operating room to examine how anesthesia providers are looking to non-opioid alternatives.

09/11/2017: A historic job for historic times

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have caused $40 billion in damage while Irma could make the total as high as $150 billion. We chat with Hiscox Insurance CEO Bronek Masojada who explains the complexities in estimating overall damage of two major storms. Afterwards, the BBC’s technology desk editor, Leo Kelion, tells us what to expect from Apple’s iPhone launch on Tuesday, and whether the tech giant will push further into the luxury smartphone market. Then, Lord Mayor of London Andrew Parmley – who looks after the interests of the city’s financial district – tells us what he’s doing during the historical period of Brexit. 

09/08/2017: A gas shortage as Hurricane Irma approaches

(Markets Edition) Hackers have stolen sensitive information, including Social Security and credit card numbers, from 143 million Equifax customers. But it turns out a lot of Americans probably already have their identities compromised. On today's show, we'll look at some other massive U.S. data breaches, along with what you can do to protect your information. Afterwards, we'll look at Florida's struggle to get gas to the pump with Hurricane Irma nearing landfall. Then finally, we'll chat with economist Ruth Lea from Arbuthnot Banking Group about what Britain's trade relationship will look like with the EU in the aftermath of Brexit.

09/08/2017: The perfect identity-theft package

(U.S. Edition) The credit reporting firm Equifax has revealed that hackers got access to the data of 143 million customers, including their Social Security numbers and credit card numbers. We'll look at how this creates the perfect identity-theft package, and how senior execs sold some of their stock following the company's knowledge of the breach. Afterwards, we'll visit the English city of Coventry, whose voting preferences suggest that economics and class don't explain everything. Despite its rich connections to Europe, the region voted for Brexit.