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09/13/2017: How Caribbean economies will recover from Irma

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... There are serious concerns about how Caribbean economies will recover from Hurricane Irma. We’ll take you to Turks and Caicos, a country that relies on tourism spending. Afterwards, we’ll chat about whether European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s annual state of the EU speech was an effort to shift the narrative away from Brexit worries. Then, we’ll transport you to Sweden where cash makes up just 1 percent of all payments. 

09/12/2017: Just why are the markets up right now?

(Markets Edition) Markets don't necessarily need happy circumstances to rise — sometimes all they need is the knowledge that things could've been worse. Economist Julia Coronado stopped by to talk about why key stock indexes seem to be doing well right now, despite recent events like the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Afterwards, we'll discuss how exhibitors at the Frankfurt Motor Show are pushing for electric vehicles, and then look at how troubled companies can move forward.

09/12/2017: The new railway that will dramatically change London

Apple is set to unveil three new phones, including one rumored to be called the iPhone X and priced at $1,000. Will customers go for this pricey option? Next, we'll look at Hurricane Irma's impact on the tourism industry, which could namely hurt service industry workers,. Then we'll look at the launch of Crossrail — the most expensive construction project in European history. A project like that could change housing prices and entire neighborhoods.

09/12/2017: French president faces first major protest

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... French President Emmanuel Macron faces the first major protest of his presidency as unhappy workers express their displeasure with his proposed labor reforms. We’ll tell you what’s happening on the streets of Paris. Afterwards, we’ll explain what’s behind the UN’s new sanctions against North Korea. Then, we’ll take you to the Frankfurt Auto Show where "electrification" is the buzzword of the day.

09/11/2017: Hurricane waters could be spreading the West Nile virus

(Markets Edition) As Irma drops from hurricane to tropical storm, we'll explore Florida's insurance system. Shahid Hamid, a professor at Florida International University, joins us to discuss whether insurance companies are equipped with the resources to handle the aftermath of this disaster. Next, we'll look at how hurricane waters could increase the number of West Nile cases, and then discuss the upcoming vote to re-authorize funding for the Federal Aviation Administration.

09/11/2017: Combating the opioid epidemic

(U.S Edition) In the aftermath of the Equifax security breach revelation, experts have suggested freezing your credit or setting up fraud alerts to protect your information. We'll take a look at what exactly these precautions entail. Afterwards, we'll discuss new measures from China that would make it tougher for speculators to bet against the drop in the yuan. Then, we'll step into the operating room to examine how anesthesia providers are looking to non-opioid alternatives.