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05/15/2017: The malicious computer worm that holds your data for ransom

Countries around the world, including Russia and China, have been hit by a cyberattack that erupted on Friday. We'll look at how it's affected some businesses, and the demands that were put forth by the ransomware. Plus: a look at the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies. 

05/12/2017: Planes, trains, automobiles and Trump

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced that U.S. and China have reached a deal to open each other's markets up to one another — kinda. Which industries stand to benefit, and will this actually bode well for the future of their relationship? The BBC's Andrew Walker breaks it down for us. Afterwards, we'll look at the growing comparisons between the mortgage-lending crisis of 2008 and the current market for car loans, and then talk about the role private investors could play in the president's infrastructure plans.

05/11/2017: The meaning of 'Trumponomics'

Trump and other key staffers from his cabinet sat down with some editors for the Economist to talk about the administration's approach to the economy. Zanny Beddoes, the publication's editor in chief, joined us to talk about the president's perspective on trade and tax reform. Plus: A look at the struggles that retailers across the U.S. are facing and what they can do to overcome declining traffic.

05/10/2017: What Comey's firing will do to Trump's policy agenda

With a fight looming in Congress about replacing FBI director James Comey, we'll take a look at how the incident could translate into slower economic growth. Afterwards, we'll discuss another unsolved mystery in Washington that involves America's central bank. Jeffrey Lacker, the president of the Fed's regional bank in Virginia, retired early over allegedly confirming confidential information to a Wall Street analyst. 

05/09/2017: The cost of losing a teacher

It's National Teacher Day, which means kids will likely be showering their teachers with thank-you notes and gift cards and apples. And they need all the support they can get — about half of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. On today's show, we'll explore the dissatisfaction they face and the negative effects such a high turnover rate has on schools. Afterwards, we'll look at why a key measure of investor anxiety, VIX, may have closed at its lowest level in decades, and then talk with Marketplace regular Allan Sloan about his proposal for how people should pay Social Security taxes.

05/08/2017: Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency. What next?

The pro-European Union candidate, Emmanuel Macron, just won the French election, so why's the euro down this morning? Its dampened value may be a sign of things to come during his term. On today's show, we'll take a look at the uphill battle Macron may face in the near future. Afterwards, we'll talk with Jose Quiñonez about the approaches his nonprofit, the Mission Asset Fund, is using to support families who face deportation.