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09/07/2017: Is the era of easy money coming to an end?

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... central banks are in the spotlight as the European Central Bank meets and Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer announces he will step down from his post at the Federal Reserve. We’ll find out what it all means for global monetary policy. Afterwards, we’ll tell you about Facebook’s admission that unknown entities in Russia spent at least $100,000 over two years on divisive social and political messages. Then, we’ll take you to Nigeria’s first ever plus-size fashion show. 

09/06/2017: The future of the U.S. economy

(Markets Edition) Residents from Caribbean islands through coastal Florida are bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Irma. One of the areas the storm's expected to hit: Puerto Rico. On today's show, we'll look at how its electric grid is especially vulnerable to this powerful storm. Afterwards, we'll talk with economist Adolfo Laurenti about his optimism for the U.S. economy. With an uptick in investments and corporate spending, he says we're achieving growth in a way that's "organic." And finally, we'll look at how retirees in rural England are bridging the urban-rural digital divide by building their own internet network.

09/06/2017: What Harvey relief has to do with the debt ceiling

(U.S. Edition) The House of Representatives is set to vote on a nearly $8 billion funding package for Hurricane Harvey relief. But there are some obstacles in its way. We'll look at how the Trump White House is trying to tie its approval to the U.S. debt ceiling limit. Afterwards, we'll discuss news that the economies of Nigeria and South Africa are starting to grow again. Then, we'll talk about a new London train line that could not only improve the city's transportation system, but serve as a symbol for Britain's future post-Brexit. 

09/06/2017: Australia's wonder down under

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service...Australia hasn’t had a recession in 26 years. We’ll tell  you what’s powering the “wonder down under.” Afterwards, we’ll tell you why nearly half of McDonald’s restaurants in India are closing today. Then, we’ll chat with retirees in England who are building their own broadband network in England because big telecom companies aren’t bringing the infrastructure to individual homes due to cost. 

09/05/2017: The effect of chaotic world events on the markets

(Markets Edition) The markets aren't moving much, despite a North Korean nuclear test and flood cleanup here in the U.S. Justin Urquhart Stewart of Seven Investment Management joined us to discuss whether things will shift, and shared his take on the overall state of the world economy. Afterwards, we'll look at the infrastructure London has in place to protect itself in the event of a flood.

09/05/2017: Why shutting down ethylene production is such a big deal

(U.S. Edition) In the aftermath of Harvey, more than half of U.S. ethylene production is now offline. Ethylene is key to the things that surround you — everything from what you're wearing to household cleaners. On today's show, we'll look at the ripple effect this will have on consumer goods. Afterwards, we'll discuss what London's anti-flood infrastructure can teach us about tackling natural disasters in the U.S., and then talk about United Technologies' plan to merge with Rockwell Collins in a $30 billion deal.