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04/11/2017: Will robots write the music you listen to in the future?

The White House is putting trade front-and-center of its jobs policy, but when it comes to issues facing the American workforce, technology may be the bigger challenge. As part of our "Robot-Proof Jobs" series, Marketplace's David Brancaccio visits Oberlin, Ohio today to meet up with a composer — an occupation that the data suggest is immune to the forces of automation. Afterwards, we'll look at the future of Toshiba, which has reported a loss approaching $5 billion in the last nine months of 2016. 

04/10/2017: Rise of the machines

We keep talking about the threat that globalization poses to American jobs. But much of the competition for jobs comes from inside our borders, with robots, artificial intelligence and algorithms increasingly entering the workforce. As part of a new series, we'll hear from Marketplace's David Brancaccio about his road trip across the Midwest in search of "robot-proof" jobs. Next, we'll look at the FDA's decision to allow the company 23andMe to sell home genetics tests for diseases, and then talk about some of the economic concessions China is planning to make to the U.S. following their meeting last week.

Robot-Proof Jobs 1: Jobs that are safe today

The first episode of a special three-part podcast series on automation and the economy. Technology is increasingly replacing work done by humans, but some jobs are more resistant than others — we'll find out which. 

04/07/17: Jobs day

What to expect from today's jobs report and how to read companies' upcoming earnings reports with Marketplace's Aaron Schrank. Plus, David Brancaccio kicks off his Midwest road trip exploring the relationship between humans and the robot workers that their jobs are increasingly in competition with.

04/06/2017: Where robots come in

First, Marketplace's Nancy Marshall-Genzer discusses market shifts as the Federal Reserve shrinks its bond portfolio. Then, we look at new research showing that high school dropout rates among African American students are significantly lower if students had a black teacher in elementary school. Finally, David talks to MIT professor and author Erik Brynjolfsson about stagnated wages in middle-skilled jobs, and how this makes them ripe for robot takeover.

04/05/17: Retraining after you lose your job

Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker has resigned, saying he might have revealed confidential information to a Wall Street analyst. We'll explore what could have motivated the leak. Afterwards, we'll discuss the possibility that China might get tougher on genetically modified crops grown by U.S. producers. And finally, we'll hear from a Marketplace listener who lost his job as a machinist because of advanced technology.