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04/19/2017: A report from the land of quarterly profits and losses

Now that we're at the center of quarterly earnings season, we'll take a look at how Yahoo, IBM and Volkswagen are faring. Next, we'll discuss New York City's plan to prohibit employers from asking job candidates about their current or past pay levels, and then look at the increased focus on automation in Pittsburgh. 

04/18/2017: What would you do if the government gave you free money?

UnitedContinental posted strong quarterly profits yesterday. Now United CEO Oscar Munoz is set to brief investors this morning, following an incident in which a passenger was forcibly removed from one of the company's flights. We'll look at whether the company can bounce back from the controversy. Afterwards, we'll look at a new kind of debt collector that might be coming after people who haven't paid their taxes. And finally, we'll talk about a new experiment in Silicon Valley where researchers plan to give people free money (seriously). 

04/17/2017: Is American manufacturing actually dying?

Cybersecurity experts are combing through data released by hackers who claim to have infiltrated the National Security Agency. The info makes it look like the NSA hacked into financial service providers in the Middle East. We'll delve into how the security community is responding to the leak. Afterwards, , we'll examine how much of a threat the growing live-streaming TV business poses to Netflix. And finally, we'll chat with Congressman Ro Khanna about his book "Entrepreneurial Nation," which looks at why manufacturing is still important in American society. 

04/14/2017: Would you take orders from a robot?

It's the final day of David Brancaccio's road trip across the Midwest in search of robot-proof jobs. One occupation that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon? CEO. He's talking to experts who say we could see more and more of them with the rise of entrepreneurialism. Afterwards, we'll discuss the struggles that U.K. manufacturing companies face when it comes to recruiting workers, and then look at Wal-Mart's latest discount offering in an attempt to compete with Amazon.

Robot-Proof Jobs 2: The winners of tomorrow

The second episode of a special three-part podcast series on automation and the economy. As technology competes with us for work, one strategy to fend off the machines is to become their creator. Plus: Think you know which jobs would survive a robot takeover? Take our quiz here:

04/13/2017: Don't worry, robots can't do everything

We continue our "Robot-Proof Job" series today with a look at one profession that can't easily be replaced by machines: occupational therapist, a job built on relating to people and solving creative problems. Marketplace's David Brancaccio visits Illinois to chat with an occupational therapist about the skills that her line of work requires. Afterwards, on the heels of JPMorgan Chase's earnings report release, we'll talk about why bank lending growth has stalled.