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03/30/17: Teaching older generations about tech

Samsung has released its latest flagship devices, the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus, and unveiled its artificial intelligence assistant Bixby. Following Samsung's series of scandals in the past year, we'll look at what shape the company's in. Afterwards, we'll explore the AARP's use of seminars to educate older generations on how to use smartphones.

03/29/17: What Uber's first diversity report reveals

A new resolution plans to scale back a set of privacy rules put in place by the Federal Communications Commission under President Obama. We'll discuss how the measure could affect what you see online as a user, and how much data telecommunications companies already collect. Also on the topic of data that's collected and shared: Uber has released a transparency report about its workforce. We'll take a look at the report's statistics, which show that men hold 85 percent of the company's tech jobs. And finally, we'll talk about the roll out of Facebook Stories, a service that seems a lot like Snapchat. 

03/28/17: Should tech companies provide government access to terror suspects' text messages?

After last week's terrorist attack on Parliament, we revisit the topic of government access to encrypted apps. How does accessing end-to-end encrypted messaging services like Whatsapp resemble steaming open envelopes or tapping phones? Ben Johnson discusses how UK agencies are navigating this territory with professor and author Thomas Rid. Then, why Facebook Marketplace isn’t taking off as Craigslist endures.

03/27/17: Tech startups versus patent trolls

Companies that exist solely to buy patents and sue tech firms, known as patent trolls, will be affected by a Supreme Court decision today that could limit where they file suits. Currently, venue is key to how patent trolls win cases — for example, one third of such cases are argued in the eastern district of Texas where rules are favorable to plaintiffs. Plus, a test run of Amazon's outfit compare feature, which joins several apps trying to take the place of a friend who tells you what to wear while compiling your shopping data.

03/24/17: A new way to withdraw money from the ATM

Wells Fargo is going to start letting customers withdraw money from ATMs using their smartphones, no debit card required. We'll chat with the Tiffany Rad, the CEO and founder of the security firm Anatrope, about whether this method of transaction is actually safe. Afterwards, we'll play this week's Silicon Tally with Vanity Fair's Maya Kosoff, and then look at the Senate's decision to scrap various user privacy rules for Internet Service Providers. 

03/23/17: Uploading the human mind to a machine

The physical sports world is now trying to capitalize on the digital sports world. We'll look at the NBA's plan to launch eLeague, a group that'll feature top-notch video gamers who compete against one another. Afterwards, we'll chat with author Luke Dormehl about the history and future of artificial intelligence.