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05/22/2017: Phoenix, Arizona — the next big tech hub?

Over the past several weeks, we've been exploring aspiring tech hubs across the country. Cities — big and small — want to be the next Silicon Valley. Well, what about Phoenix, Arizona? It's becoming a hotbed of startup activity that has attracted the likes of Uber, Waymo and Intel. We'll take a look at the city's strengths, along with some of the challenges it faces on the way.

05/19/2017: Why all the focus on chip-making?

Google and Apple are making their own chips, a move that could have long-ranging effects on smaller chip-focused firms like Nvidia and Imagination Technologies. We'll take a look at why these two tech giants are dipping their toes in this area, and then play this week's Silicon Tally with the Financial Times' San Francisco correspondent Hannah Kuchler. 

05/18/2017: How to fight against your internet echo chamber

Word is that your phone may soon be able to identify items it's pointed at thanks to Google Lens. On today's show, we'll look at the latest updates coming out of Google's I/O developers conference with Farhad Manjoo, a tech columnist for the New York Times. Plus: 60dB co-founder Steve Henn talks about the ways we can combat "filter bubble" — the idea that the internet keeps you in the dark about opinions you disagree with.

05/17/2017: Chicago's growing reputation as a tech powerhouse

Google's developers conference I/O kicks off in San Francisco today, and while many of the announcements are geared toward, well, developers, they can provide hints about what consumers can expect down the line. Some stuff it looks like we'll be getting: a new Android operating system and hands-free mobile payments. Plus, we'll explore Chicago's growing prominence as a tech hub and one food startup that's found a home there: the meal-delivery service Tovala.

05/16/2017: How to prevent a ransomware attack on your computer

By now, you've likely heard about the malicious ransomware that spread like wildfire across computer networks using Microsoft's products. Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, joins us to talk about how users can keep safe and the primary motive behind the hacker(s) actions. Plus: Imraan Ismail, co-creator of the new virtual reality film "The Protectors," on why the medium hasn't become all that common yet. 

05/15/2017: Remember to update your software

GM is launching a new service called Maven, which will allow drivers to rent cars by the hour. We'll discuss how Maven is different from the competition and GM's future in the self-driving landscape. Afterwards, we'll look at President Trump's decision to sign an executive order asking government branches to report on their security challenges — a move that coincided with a global ransomware attack.