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11-26-14 Marketplace Tech - Hacker house

First up, host Ben Johnson visits a hacker house in the Kansas City Startup Village, where he talks with Home For Hackers founder Ben Barreth and residents Chris Baran and Bryce Lenhart, from Then, Max Read, Editor-In-Chief of Gawker, joins us to talk about how the site moderated racist and hateful comments on a post about the Grand Jury ruling on Darren Wilson.

11-25-14 Marketplace Tech - The biggest of big screen TVs

First up, Cesar Pérez Barnés, partner and the head of the Mexico office of the Southern Cross Group, joins us to talk about coaching and funding startups in developing markets. Then, Lindsey Turrentine, Editor in Chief of, talks about Google Play’s app store standards and what happens when bad apps sneak in. And Harry Coghlan, President and General Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor New York talks the largest digital display billboard in Times Square. 

11-24-14 Marketplace Tech - Estonia's e-residency

On today's show, Will Oremus, Senior Technology writer at Slate, talks about why Yahoo and Mozilla struck a deal over search for Mozilla’s Firefox browser – and why Yahoo is returning to search after so many years of stocks and sports. Plus, Eva Galperin, global policy analyst with the electronic frontier foundation, joins us to talk about a new tool that helps activists and journalists protect themselves from government malware. Last up, we explore Estonia’s announcement that they will allow foreigners to apply for a special e-residency program, giving them access to world-leading digital services from all over the world.

11-21-14 Marketplace Tech - Butterball tech

First up, we talk to Jeanette Hill, founder and CEO of Spot On Sciences, a company that makes at home blood sample kits. And just in time for Thanskgiving, it's a special food-themed edition of Silicon Tally. Marty Van Ness, Supervisor of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, takes on Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson in this week's quiz. How well have you kept up with the week in tech news?

11-20-14 Marketplace Tech - Keepsake passwords

First up, Marketplace LearningCurve’s Adriene Hill joins Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson to talk about a new report on student data spending at the state level, and why states are beginning to make bigger investments in student data systems and training. Then, Ian Urbina, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, talks about “keepsake passwords” – the passwords we encode with meaning to remind or motivate us as we do our daily login.

11-19-14 Marketplace Tech - Spam nation

On today's show: the Carnival Corp, which owns Carnival and Princess cruises, among others, wants to move beyond an image tarnished most recently by a norovirus outbreak, and it wants the public’s help, through a social media and crowd sourced campaign. Sound risky? Well it is. Plus, Brian Krebs joins us to talk about his new book, Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime-from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door.