Marketplace Weekend

Marketplace Weekend is an informative, fun, interactive program that leverages Marketplace's talent and reporting strength across all platforms. Host Lizzie O'Leary guides listeners through the most fascinating economic stories of the week – exploring what happened, why it matters, who it affects and what happens next – through lively and engaging conversations on air and online.

Recent Episodes

02/20/2015 Marketplace Weekend - Secrets and Side Gigs

This weekend, we're talking about secrets, side gigs, and growing economies. In part two of "Six Routes to Riches," our co-production with the BBC, we travel to Nigeria, Africa's largest economy. Later, Lizzie discusses the business of unveiling government secrets with MuckRock co-founder Michael Morisy, and a bartender tells all...about the people who tell him everything. 

02/13/2015 Marketplace Weekend - Mobility

This weekend, we're talking about mobility and the American Dream. As the first part of a collaborative series, "Six Routes to Riches" with the BBC, we examine what it takes to succeed in the German economy. Plus, guest host Barbara Bogaev speaks with Marketplace's Amy Scott about how early education impacts future economic mobility. We also hear a personal story from Jay Cramer about how losing his physical mobility changed his finances.

02/06/2015 Marketplace Weekend - Cheating

This weekend, we're talking about cheating, in big business, in relationships and even by accident.  Guest host Lisa Desjardins of the PBS Newshour speaks with former CFO of HealthSouth, Aaron Beam, about what happened to a cheater during one of the biggest accounting scandals in history. Duke professor and dishonesty expert Dan Ariely explains why we cheat. Lisa talks with the founder of infidelity dating site Ashley Madison about the business of cheating, and a Google hacker explains how hackers cheat...for good. Three listeners tell their stories of cheating in their own financial lives and one test drives a Cadillac he can't afford, just to get bonus gift. We talk about cheating by accident with an accountant working on healthcare taxes. On next week's show, we're talking about mobility. How is the American Dream working out for you? Do you feel upwardly mobile? Tell us your stories. Write to us here, on the web, or tweet us @MarketplaceWKND.

01/30/2015 Marketplace Weekend - Crashes

This weekend, we focus on crashes, in the global economy, in our personal finances, and even in our cars. Marketplace's Paddy Hirsch and guest host David Lazarus discuss what happens when a country crashes. Meteorologist Gary Dobbs tells his story of what happened when his world came literally crashing down around him. David talks with Patrick Markee about homelessness, and Darlene Bel Grayson talks about what it feels like to be homeless temporarily for the first time. David talks with Bloomberg's Katie Benner about tech bubbles and bursts. We talk about crashes and recoveries -- in Atlantic City, and for former professional gambler Josh Axelrad. On next week's show, we're talking about cheating. If you have a story about about how your personal economy changed because of cheating -- financial cheating, romantic cheating, or even a time you cheated yourself -- tell us. What happened? How did you make it through? Write to us here, on the web, or tweet us @MarketplaceWKND.

This weekend, take the leap, look before you leap, leap of faith. Our vernacular is filled with the language of leaping. Executive Director at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth Heather Boushey explains wage growth, and how we make that leap, as a country.  Marketplace's Stephen Beard joins Lizzie from Athens, to talk about the great leap Greek voters may be taking. Lizzie and Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson discuss the biggest technological leaps in history. Listener Diane Huck made a gigantic leap; after 19 years, she left her life as a nun, and began a new one, almost from scratch. On next week's show, we're talking crashes. If you have a story about about a time your personal economy crashed, tell us. What happened? How did you make it through? Tell us about it, here, on the web, or @MarketplaceWKND.

01/16/2015 Marketplace Weekend - Gaps

This weekend, we talk about gaps, big and small, in our economy, our psychology, and our finances. Inequality scholar Branko Milanovic discusses wealth and income gaps globally. Two people working in China discuss what the economy there feels like. Psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn speaks about the gap between desire and fulfillment, and how you can use it to make the most of your purchases. Lizzie and Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson discuss the time it takes for new technology to be introduced to the market. Jamelle Bouie talks with Lizzie about social inequality gaps, and later, one listener tells the story of financial gaps in his own life. And next week, we're focusing on leaps. Have you ever taken a financial leap of faith? Tell us about it, here, on the web, or @MarketplaceWKND.