Marketplace Weekend

Marketplace Weekend is an informative, fun, interactive program that leverages Marketplace's talent and reporting strength across all platforms. Host Lizzie O'Leary guides listeners through the most fascinating economic stories of the week – exploring what happened, why it matters, who it affects and what happens next – through lively and engaging conversations on air and online.

Recent Episodes

10/09/15 Marketplace Weekend: Your money stories

Money can empower us or limit us. We're devoting the show to some of our favorite individual stories from all over the country. We hear stories about choices people have had to make, ways we've adapted and what we've learned along the way.

10/02/15 Marketplace Weekend: the name of money!

This weekend, Lizzie O'Leary explores all the ways stopping effects our lives and the economy. Lauren Lyons Cole talks about breaking bad financial habits, and we look at why a Pennsylvania budget battle is halting school funding.

09/25/15 Marketplace Weekend: Comeback Tour

This weekend, Lizzie O'Leary explores comebacks in the economy. Musician Bob Forrest talks about coming back into the music industry after a drug addiction. Plus, can Volkswagen make a comeback after its emissions scandal?

09/18/2015 Marketplace Weekend - Figuring It Out

This weekend, we look at people trying to figure it out in the economy: from Congress to robots to tricking yourself into saving. Check us out on Twitter @MarketplaceWknd, or on Facebook at Marketplace Business News.

09/11/15 - Marketplace Weekend - Borders

This week's show is all about borders. We explore borders in the news, like Syria and Hungary, but also the smaller ones that govern our everyday lives. You can tell us how borders shape yours. Send us an email or reach us on Twitter @MarketplaceWKND

09/04/15 - Marketplace Weekend - Black gold

This week, Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O'Leary looks at how oil plays a big role throughout our economy. We break down the history of America's reliance on oil, check in with an oil worker who travels throughout the world to work on rigs and learn why a gallon of gas costs what it does.