Marketplace Weekend

Marketplace Weekend is an informative, fun, interactive program that leverages Marketplace's talent and reporting strength across all platforms. Host Lizzie O'Leary guides listeners through the most fascinating economic stories of the week – exploring what happened, why it matters, who it affects and what happens next – through lively and engaging conversations on air and online.

Recent Episodes

07/03/2015 - Marketplace Weekend - Anniversaries

Marketplace Weekend celebrates its first anniversary with discussions of major financial and personal anniversaries. Lizzie takes a look at the BP oil spill five years on and talks about the resonating economic impact with a hotel employee and a lawyer representing businesses with claims against BP. USC Marshall School of Business professor Ira Kalb talks about how Jaws, the first summer blockbuster, set the stage for the future of film marketing. Marketplace's Ben Johnson discusses the biggest innovations in the past year of tech, and Marketplace Weekend takes a look back at some of its best stories. 

06/26/2015 - Marketplace Weekend - Opportunity

On this episode of Marketplace Weekend, guest host David Lazarus explores opportunity in our jobs, personal finances and the global economy. David speaks with Marketplace's Paddy Hirsch about how the Trans-Pacific Partnership could impact market opportunity. Career coach Hallie Crawford discusses job opportunities and Gabriel Wisdom, president of American Money Management, speaks about the biggest missed opportunities from the past. Marketplace's Molly Wood talks about capitalizing on car sharing programs, and the Wharton School's Peter Cappelli talks about how opportunity in the U.S. has changed over time. 

06/19/2015 - Marketplace Weekend - Unions

On this episode of Marketplace Weekend, we talk unions — as in weddings. David Wood, president of the Association of Bridal Consultants,  speaks with Lizzie about the wedding industry. We hear from listeners about how much their weddings cost and how much it costs to attend someone else's big day. We explore the business of bringing Indian weddings to American hotels, hear a story of a play on an old Bulgarian wedding tradition and discuss unique elopements. Plus, a conversation about the marriage equality case before the Supreme Court and a look at how online registries have changed gift-giving. 

06/12/2015 - Marketplace Weekend - Migration

Guest host David Lazarus explores migration in the global economy, tech, and even underwater. Stanford law professor and immigration policy expert Dan Siciliano discusses H-1B visas in the tech industry, and Marketplace Tech's Ben Johnson talks data migration. Bio-economist Rashid Sumaila speaks about the migratory patterns of whales and how they impact ecotourism, a multibillion-dollar industry. Plus, we hear stories and advice about moving for money.

06/05/2015 - Marketplace Weekend - Community

On this episode of Marketplace Weekend, Lizzie O'Leary speaks with Kai Ryssdal about his interview with President Obama. Drian Juarez of the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Transgender Economic Empowerment Project discusses the changing employment landscape for trans people. Later, Lizzie heads to Baltimore to talk with a community organizer, and she discusses online communities of all stripes with Marketplace Tech's Ben Johnson and USC Annenberg's Karen North. Mark Haskell Smith speaks with Lizzie about his adventures in naked traveling (and the booming nude tourism industry), and Marketplace Weekend remembers musician Jean Richie. 

Marketplace Weekend for Friday, May 29, 2015

This episode of Marketplace Weekend is all about generations and how who we are, from the Greatest Generation to Generation Z, shapes how we live with money. Starting with retirees and working our way to high school students, we take a look at generations in the economy, our psychology and our wallets. The U.S. Peace Corps is actively recruiting boomers. Why? Rosemary and John Bottcher explain. They served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay from 2011-2013 when they were both in their late 60s. Later, Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson talks with Lizzie about what instant messaging says about how your generation communicates. Plus, Marketplace Weekend visits John Marshall High School in Los Angeles to talk with four college-bound seniors about how their lives and their generation are shaped by money.