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Recent Episodes

Marketplace: housing, 40 hours and biologics

Airing on Thursday, January 8, 2015: Obama pushes a plan to lower some mortgage premiums by $900 a year. What does that mean for the housing market? Plus, we look at the evolution of the 40-hour workweek in light of a Republican push to define "full-time employment" for the purpose of health insurance eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. Finally, cheaper versions of biologics – drugs made out of living cells – could hit the market soon. We run the numbers. 

Marketplace: deflation and diversity

Airing on Wednesday January 7, 2015: Europe officially has deflation, and its economy is weak. But is  some deflation better than others? Plus, Intel throws $300 million at workplace diversity problem, which is really a pipeline problem. Can you fix the pipeline? If so, will $300 million make a dent?

Marketplace: ESPN and CES

Airing on Tuesday January 6, 2015: At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there's an explosion of gadgets that would place sensors throughout your home. Plus, ESPN has always been the key network for cable bundles, but now Dish is offering ESPN pretty much by itself. How can they do that? Finally, Coach will pay as much as $574 million to buy luxury shoemaker Stuart Weitzman.

Marketplace: Grexit and carbon tax

Airing on Monday January 5, 2015: Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the latest to warn of a Greek exit – or "Grexit" – from the Eurozone if the anti-austerity Syriza party comes to power. We look at whether a "Grexit" would harm Europe more now that it would have a few years ago. Plus, why falling gas prices could lead to new taxes on gas. 


Marketplace: college football and the Noid

Airing on January 2, 2015: The first college football playoffs are upon us, and they are a huge moneymaker for football and colleges. The biggest question may be how quickly they can be expanded. Plus, we uncover the story behind a notoriously creepy Domino's mascot from the 1980s, the Noid.

Marketplace: hangovers and housing market

Hangovers have existed as long as overconsumption of alcohol. (That is to say: as long as alcohol.) But even though every few years a new technique or pill is offered as a cure, the task may be futile. Plus, most housing market watchers are predicting that 2015 will be better than 2014. How much better? Some expect home sales to increase about 10 percent this year.